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Key Benefits

Delivery is our metric

We believe agile is about empowering your team to innovate, accelerate and streamline your ability to deliver value faster. That's why our suite of JIRA plugins have all been designed with this fundamental delivery focus in mind:

Our Jira Plug-ins:

  • Enhance your ability to visualize work that already exists in JIRA.
  • Improve collaboration for remote and hybrid teams.
  • Deliver an intuitive UI/UX, with no feature bloat or complex setup/upkeep.
  • Increase agile adoption through best practice
  • Prioritize security and are Cloud fortified

Explore our range of agile apps for Jira:

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Supporting story mapping, sprint and version planning, backlog refinement, and team retrospectives.

“I am impressed with this very useful tool, that helps me and the team to work together very efficiently. Visualizing all of our stories from our different projects in one place has helped us track and plan our sprints well. This has also increased our team productivity and collaboration significantly. Love the drag and drop features that make life so much easier. Personally, highly recommend this for any team!”
ELIZABETH JACOB, World Vision Canada

Easy Agile Programs Icon

Easy Agile Programs

Make scaled cross-team planning and execution easy, with a complete PI Planning solution seamlessly integrated with Jira.

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“We didn’t realize how powerful this tool was until we really dived in. Our company has been successfully using this for seven different ARTs now for over a year. Every team we convert from an old model of planning to using Easy Agile says they will never go back.“

Easy Agile Roadmaps

Easy Agile Roadmaps

Build a visual roadmap timeline of your Jira issues, split scheduled work into swimlanes, and add date markers to the roadmap to show milestones.

“Perfect for high level planning and communication of status to key stakeholders. Simple to set up, simple to manage, I’d really recommend this to others!”
JIM SNAPE Agile Coach, Agility in Mind

Easy Agile Personas

Easy Agile Personas

Easy Agile Personas enables product managers and agile teams to capture their customer archetypes alongside their project and agile board in Jira.


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