Don’t ‘do’ agile. Be agile.

Use tools that improve collaboration and the flow of work in Jira

Simple, well-integrated tools to improve the flow of work

Help your teams see the tangible benefits of being agile with Easy Agile apps for Jira.

With tools that improve collaboration, manage dependencies, and encourage continuous improvement, your teams are empowered to improve their agility and the flow of work.

Whether you support one team or many, you will all benefit from tools that enable better ways of working in Jira.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Supports teams throughout the agile cycle, from in-context planning to review in team retrospectives that are integrated with the work in Jira.

Read our blog and learn how to overcome Retrospective problems, to focus on continuous improvement with Easy Agile TeamRhythm.

Solve Retrospective Problems


Easy Agile Programs

A simple PI Planning solution that cuts through the complexity by highlighting roadblocks and dependencies, to keep your teams focussed on priorities and the release train on track.

Get your guide to solving the three most common PI Planning problems with Easy Agile Programs.

Resolve PI Planning Problems


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We’re proud to partner with Atlassian to bring you agile solutions that are high-quality, well-supported and secure. Easy Agile apps are Cloud Fortified and SOC Type 2 certified, guaranteeing responsive customer support and a strong focus on privacy and security.