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Cloud Migration Myths

Tue Mar 08 2022
Chloe Hall
Written by Chloe Hall, Graduate Marketing Coordinator

Is 2022 your team's year of success? We are here today to bust the myths of cloud migration and allow you to step towards opportunity.

From the team at Easy Agile, we want you to know that we hear you, see you, and empathise with you! We are committing as a team to support your cloud migration journey. We have listened to your concerns and are now ready to put them at ease.

Jump on board the Easy Agile cloud journey, and let’s bust some myths.

Myth 1: Keeping data on-premises is safer than cloud

When migrating to the cloud, we can ensure that security, reliability, privacy, and compliance are standard with our cloud products.

At Easy Agile, all our products are cloud fortified. This means we have additional security, reliability and support through cloud security participation, reliability checks and 24hr support response time.

Dave Elkan Co-CEO quote

Is your organisation struggling to fund or staff a bulletproof security team?

When migrating to the cloud, you unlock access to the Atlassian team as your security team. This team provides:

  • Help with meeting industry acceptance compliance standards.
  • Support for meeting data privacy obligations around the world
  • Assurance that applications are stable and reliable at scale
  • Assurance that your data is safeguarded with encryption and transit and it rests across Atlassian's cloud services
  • Enforced minimum security requirements
  • Best-in-class bug bounty program

Myth 2: Cloud is more expensive than on-premises

If your team can afford on-premises, then they can afford cloud. First of all, you need to look at the price with the viewpoint of the total cost of ownership. Yes, at a first look, the cloud is more expensive. When looking at on-premise, you must consider hidden costs such as performance, upgrades, security and privacy, change management, maintenance and implementation. These costs are not considered in the original license fee for on-premise and are usually forgotten when comparing prices.

Now we look at the cloud subscription fee. Whilst this fee may be higher in comparison to the initial on-premises fee, all your costs are set out, and there are no hidden costs to consider.

Myth 3: It's easier when my team control the updates

Stop all distractions for a moment and consider: what’s easier? Adapting to minor changes or starting fresh and learning a whole new system? Cloud updates are just moving one small thing at a time more regularly.

Allowing the cloud to control the updates means dealing with more minor changes on a regular schedule than larger changes all at once.

Myth 4: Cloud migration is too much for my team to handle

At Easy Agile, we have multiple avenues of support for cloud migration, so you never feel alone on the journey.

  • We have a migration hub that supplies migration help documents, addresses frequently asked questions and discounts.
  • You can create a migration support ticket with us easily.
  • We have a Customer Success Team ready to help with your migration needs.
  • We can connect you to the right Easy Agile partner to provide expert migration advice.

Extra support can be found with Atlassian, who provides weekend support to ensure your production migrations minimise downtime for your end-users. Atlassian also has a dedicated support team that offers enhanced support for 1001+ users.

Myth 5: Cloud can't support my large enterprise

The cloud is designed to scale with your business. It scales the computing power, features, and user counts. Atlassian offers tiered plans to match the size of your organisation. Depending on your size, you can choose from standard, premium or enterprise. The multi-instance capability of the enterprise option supports autonomy for teams, data segregation for security, or environment customisation based on specialised workflows and marketplace apps.

Read the standard, premium and enterprise tier descriptions: Jira Pricing - Monthly and Annual Subscription Cost per User.

Watch the following webinar explaining the enterprise level of Atlassian cloud: Get to know Atlassian Cloud Enterprise | Atlassian

Now that we have busted these myths, let’s look at how cloud migration is an opportunity for your company. Migrating to the cloud is an opportunity for your business to step up competitively. You will have the same access to enterprise-class technologies no matter your company size. These technologies will allow your team to scale faster to meet traffic demands, cost optimisation and see a faster go-to-market.

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