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Easy Agile at Web Directions 2019

Tue Nov 12 2019
Henri Seymour
Written by Henri Seymour, Developer

Easy Agile recently visited Web Directions Summit. We took four members of our team up the road to Sydney to hear the latest on Product, Design and Engineering.

Here are our top talks...

Teagan's favourite: 📜 A content-first approach to product onboarding

  • What is onboarding? Jonathon Colman explains that it's all about telling a story. It has a start, a challenge to overcome and end with a new status quo - and your user is the hero or that story.
"How do they become that awesome person who can do rad stuff?"

Satvik's favourite: 🚪Design for Security

  • Serena Chen walked us through how to align our goals with the user's goals: map the easiest journey through the app, then map the most secure. Can you align these journeys?

Swap walls-everywhere security for smartly placed doors.

Link to Slides

Stephanie's favourite: 💬 Fun with Sensors and Browser APIs for the web!

  • While not strictly work-related, it was fascinating to see how close we are to new options for user interaction. Mandy Michael's exploration of how voice recognition, ambient light sensors and device orientation data can be used to change users' experience of the web.
"We can move on from static, predetermined interactions and allow the user to shape the experience."

Brad's favourite: 🙏 Metaphors we believe by: the pantheon of 2019

  • Aaron Z Lewis described seven gods that describe the world we've created with technology. It was a refreshing look at the systems we've made and the systems that have made us.
“There’s a tight feedback loop between the gods we worship and the societies we create.”

Back to work:

We came home with questions and plans. What stories do we want to tell with onboarding? How do me make security seamless? What comes next on the internet? What will our customers be working on in 10 years?

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