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Easy Agile Programs at Scale

Mon Apr 01 2019
Dave Elkan
Written by Dave Elkan, Co-Founder and Software Engineer

Nicholas Muldoon and I stuck to our strengths when we started Easy Agile at the start of 2016. Nick brought his experience as Product Manager on Jira Agile and from guiding Twitter through their Agile transformation. I brought my experience from my time as an Atlassian Jira javascript developer. It was only natural that the first successful combination of this experience was a javascript-powered app called Easy Agile TeamRhythm.

Since then, all Easy Agile apps have been built on those same core strengths: Experience with Agile at Scale and how to make fast, javascript powered apps that look and behave just like Jira.

It’s this front-end-centric approach which has allowed us to write apps which scale from 10 user teams to massive Jira installations with hundreds of thousands of users.

How? We simply don’t have much code that runs on your Jira server which can slow it down. Our apps primarily use the Jira Core and Jira Software APIs directly from your web browser.

Jira Performance Tests

Atlassian recently released JPT, their performance testing tool which they use to continuously monitor the performance of Jira and Jira Software. They also have a great setup which will measure the impact of an app on Jira’s performance. This works by running the tests on two instances of Jira simultaneously. One with your app and another without.

Here’s the results of running Easy Agile Programs 2.0.3 through JPT.


As you can see, there’s very little difference between the “with” and “without” scenarios. This is because Easy Agile Programs does not install any Event Listeners, Workflow functions, Custom Fields or other features which can add to the load on your Jira instance.

It’s this approach of developing Jira Software API powered front-end apps which allows our small team to support some of the largest teams around the world.


If you want to take a full look at the results of our JPT test, or if you have any questions about Easy Agile Programs at scale, please don’t hesitate to email us at

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