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Pledge 1%: Giving back on a Board

Mon Mar 07 2022
Hayley Rodd
Written by Hayley Rodd, Partner Manager

Making a Change

In 2021 I wasn’t looking for a new job. Actually, I was pretty happy in the job I had. Working in commercial property as Head of Marketing, I was challenged, I felt like I was making a difference, I was valued and I was helping people in the organisation grow. Also, I had a great team and a supportive boss. And I was relatively new to the role too, so I was still pushing myself out of my comfort zone and growing and learning, personally and professionally. Wow, aren’t I a millennial.

But, like Miss Clavel in Madeline always says, something wasn’t quite right.

At the time I couldn’t put my finger on it, but now looking back, my new, exciting and challenging job wasn’t fulfilling all of my needs. What was missing? Simple. I wanted to work for an organisation that shared my values.

Our values determine our priorities, and, deep down, they help us measure if our life is turning out the way we want it to. So when there is a mis-alignment in values between your personal life and your professional self, things can feel… a little off.

Then one day I was on LinkedIn and saw a post from Sean, Head of Marketing at Easy Agile. He was looking for another Product Marketing Manager. That sounded interesting. Again, I wasn’t really looking but I thought “Hey, why not give the JD a look over. Sean is a nice person and Easy Agile sounds like a great place to work”. I had a look at the JD and thought, “that sounds cool. I have the capabilities and the knowledge”. But what really convinced me to apply were the values of the company and Easy Agile’s contribution to Pledge 1%, giving 1% of staff time and company profits to charity or not-for-profit causes.

Talk about value alignment! Here’s our values 👇

💪 Better with Balance

❤️ Give Back

🤝 Be the customer

👊 Punch above our weight

🤔 Engage System 2

🚀 Commit, as a team

Just say YES!

But let’s jump in the time machine and head back to before I joined Easy Agile…

In 2018, I decided to join a group called Junior Chamber International (JCI) Illawarra. A friend of mine, Kevin McDonald, was the President of the JCI Board at the time and was busily organising a local World Clean Up Day with other organisations like Plastic Free Wollongong, Rotary Wollongong, Green Connect and Fair Food Foragers. Kevin needed help and I was willing and able to give back some of my time for a cause I was passionate about - sustainability. Flexing my marketing muscles, I helped coordinate and promote the event across social media and the local news stations.

World Clean Up Day

With over 200 volunteers coming along on the day in September 2018, we had collected over 250 kilograms of rubbish from the land and sea at Wollongong Harbour.

That was an awesome feeling.

But something else happened during that event. I met a bunch of like-minded, passionate, community focused individuals from across the region who wanted to give back and make a difference. Saying ‘Yes!’ to this one event was a catalyst for saying ‘Yes!’ to so much more.

Jumping on Board

By 2021, I was the Local President of JCI Illawarra and I was leading a Board of passionate people who were all keen to support and engage with our 30 + members and connect and help organisations and individuals from across our region make a positive change. During this year, I worked with the Board to organise monthly member networking events, professional development courses, JCI alumni dinners, and even send our members care packages when we experienced a second COVID induced lockdown.

In 2022, I also joined the Board of Women Illawarra. Women Illawarra is a not-for-profit community organisation run by women for women. Women Illawarra provides a range of Domestic and Family Violence support services for women, along with connecting women in need with a female solicitor who can offer freeadvice and information. As a Board member I work with a group of passionate women who want to drive change, break the bias and establish a level playing field for women in our region, and beyond.

Some of the Women Illawarra Board

Why Pledge 1% on a Board?

Working for Easy Agile has given me the opportunity to take one day a quarter and dedicate to these Boards. I like to split my one day a quarter across a few different activities, such as attending Board meetings, lending a hand to run events, helping solve tech issues or even undertake a professional development course. Another thing I really love is the ability to do some volunteering outside of work hours and take that time as time in lieu!

I am so thankful to work for an organisation that understands and values what I do outside of work, and this helps me turn up to the office as a more productive and happy team mate.

Here’s my top reasons why you should join a NFP Board too!

#1: Opportunities

Inside Easy Agile is awesome, anyone who works there will tell you that. But outside our organisation also lies a world of unprecedented opportunities. Ask yourself, “what can I do that will improve my leadership skills and grow my network?”. A Board might be the answer…

#2 Leadership skills

Sitting around a table with leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, mothers, directors, sole business owners, carers and everything in between is the perfect way to learn through osmosis. I like to observe how those around me tackle problems, carry out certain tasks and weigh up potential opportunities and risks.

#3 Network

On a board you are surrounded by the types of talented and ambitious people whose company is worth keeping. These people and their networks have faced personal and professional challenges, successes and failures. Often their experiences are so different from the path you have traveled, and meeting these new people will open your eyes to new opportunities and new ways of thinking, and acting.

#4 Learn about how businesses operate

On a Board, you learn, in-depth, about business models, and how other organisations live and breathe, particularly in the NFP sector. This information is great to tuck away in the recesses of your mind and pull it out when you need it.

#5 Make a real difference

The most crucial benefit of sitting on a board is that it allows you to make a real difference. You can play a key role in the success of an organisation, which is hugely rewarding and makes the significant investment in time and energy worth it.

Keen to join a Board? Here’s some in the Illawarra.

You’ve heard me talk about why being on a Board can be rewarding, and fun! Why not try it yourself with some of these local groups? Or explore Board opportunities close to your home and heart.

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