Making Agile Easier April 2020 | A whole naw way of working

Published 30 Apr 2020
by Sean Blake, Head of Marketing


To all our customers,

We hope you are safe and healthy.

It’s so hard to image how you may have been impacted by COVID and the economy.

We’re now 6 weeks into exclusively working from home.

It hasn’t been easy. We just held our first retrospective since this all happened and we agreed to:

- keep focus on our company values

- get out for a walk each day

- more regular 1:1 time with random team members

- prioritize looking after ourselves

It’s now more important than ever to communicate effectively and share what we’re learning.

In this update we’ll share some of the best things we’ve written, read, watched and discussed this month.


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Matt Seddon, Senior Developer at Easy Agile, wrote a great post around finding a better way to work. Do you have balance between work, family and community? Check it out.

Remote agile tips to make work from home easier. How to transition your team.

What are the key differences between agile adoption and agile transformation? Vitality Chicago shares their perspective.


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How can you encourage an agile mindset in your executive team? Scrum trainer Ravi Verma shares 3 Characteristics of Highly Agile Executives

Why customer service is so important for software development teams. Easy Agile Co-CEO Nick Muldoon shares his thoughts.

New to SAFe 5.0? This 5 minute video from Scaled Agile will give you a good overview.


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Everyone likes hot tea and coffee.

These Easy Agile reusable coffee cups are ceramic, so they keep your drink warm for hours.

Plus, we think they look great. Would you like one?

All you need to do is hop on over the Atlassian Marketplace and leave a review for your favourite Easy Agile app.

Simply send a screenshot of your review and your postal address to us at and your cup will be posted to you.

Here are the links to leave a review:

User Story Maps





We’re disappointed that we won’t get a chance to meet you face to face any time soon.

We hope you and your families are safe.

If you would like to say hi or share your feedback on Easy Agile apps, please do reach out and we will set up a Zoom call.

🇭🇷Croatia/Europe - 2020: Our Head of Partnerships, Dan, is in timezone for any virtual AUG presentations and demos. Or even if you just feel like a chat!

Let us know when you would like to talk:


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The team at NextEra Energy sent us a lovely testimonial:

“We’re working to mature our SAFe agile practices and foster a DevOps environment and Easy Agile Programs seems to be ticking all the right boxes. It has the features we’re looking for.

Programs is really helping us put this information together in a way that is understandable and actionable.”

- Nice sign!

Thanks Chris and team.🤓

Keen to be featured in Making Agile Easier? Email your story to and we’ll send you a thank you gift in the mail. 🎁🎁🎁


🎯Release radar:

Easy Agile Programs

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🆕Easy Agile Personas 🆕

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Thanks for reading!

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