Making Agile Easier | February 2021

by Sean Blake, Head of Marketing

17 Mar 2021

Welcome to the first edition of 'Making Agile Easier' for 2021, where we share the best content in the agile space and what's making the rounds in our office.

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We hope you find it helpful!

What's new on the Easy Agile Podcast ...

We rounded out 2020 with a few chats with really entertaining and thought provoking guests.

Chris Stone, The Virtual Agile Coach.

"We need to focus on people being people. People aren't resources."

Em Campbell-Pretty, CEO & Managing Director at Pretty Agile

"You'll get results every single time. But you've got to be brave enough to buy in and take it on holistically."

What we're talking about ...

Product Updates ...

Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile Programs now supports Next-Gen! Additionally we've cut down load time of Programs by 50% so that you and your teams can visualise work faster.

✅ Visibility of both Next-Gen and Classic boards within the one Program
✅ Visualised dependencies between Next-Gen and Classic issues
✅ Program custom fields on Next-Gen issues for reporting and tracking

Easy Agile User Story Maps

A Saved View lets you apply a combinations of filters and toggles to generate a unique view of how you'd like to see your Story Map and save it for later.

💡 This means it's quicker and easier for your clients to focus on the work that matters.

Also, share your view of the Story Map with others in your team so you can start and finish the Sprint on the same page.

Company Updates ...

We have a lot of new faces on team Easy Agile! 

Adrian, Terlya, Rebecca, Hayley and Jerome have joined us. We have a public list of upcoming Events and they are all virtual for the moment.

We recently received a box of some really fun merch -Easy Agile socks! Would you like us to send you some? Just email us at

Webinar Spotlight ...

Teagan and Sean enjoyed chatting with the crew from Design Industries as part of a webinar held in January. We covered the basics of User Story Mapping and PI Planning.

Check out the replay of the webinar here:

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

The Team @ Easy Agile

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