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    100 miles for Mat — 1% for Easy Agile

    Recently fellow iAccelerate resident, Polygon door co-founder, ultra-marathon runner and all-round legend, Mat Wall-Smith posted in the Siligong Valley slack channel that he was planning on “going for a bit of a trot” to raise money to fight Motor Neuron Disease.

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  • Jira

    Understanding the cycle time of Epics in Jira

    In this article we explore how an organisation can improve planning and collaboration across teams by understanding the cycle time of epics in JIRA.

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  • Agile workflow

    Anatomy of an Agile User Story Map

    Visualise the customer journey with user story mapping.

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  • Product strategy & vision

    Story Mapping at Twitter — Atlassian Summit 2016

    Atlassian Summit 2016 had a ton of great content. One of our highlights was watching a packed room learn how Twitter uses the practice of story mapping to make sure they understand and deliver a compelling customer experience.

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