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Starting a new job during covid

Wed Oct 13 2021
Nicholas O'Dwyer
Written by Nicholas O'Dwyer, Software Engineer

I made a promise to myself when starting my first real job during my third year of uni. Not knowing what I was about to get into, or where it would take me, I told myself right after I’d graduated it would be time to take a step back and see where I am and where I'm going.

When the time came I didn’t get the chance, I had purchased a block of land and would spend the next year preoccupied with organising and preparing for when it would be time for me to leave home. From the start of this process the world fell into covid, and due to the circumstances I thought it best to not seek change, until the world calmed down a little.

I moved in during June 2021, right at the start of another wave of covid when everything was closing down.

At this point I felt it was time to take a step back and see where life was taking me. I needed to learn new things, and to have a change of pace from the corporate world I was used to.

Applying to work at Easy Agile was an easy choice for me. I’d spoken to a few developers from Easy Agile at the local Silligong meetups and had seen the ways they worked. It was exactly what I wanted, somewhere I could learn a lot of new things and have the freedom to grow.

It has been an interesting experience. My onboarding has been entirely online and I am only the second person to go through the new process.

Despite this, I think i’m quite lucky. Being a developer certainly helps as I find there is far less of a requirement to be face to face (although It certainly is something I miss, and definitely helps).

A big comfort for me in this change is that what I do day to day hasn’t really changed. I’m still doing the same style of programming, with minor changes here and there, just with more teamwork and less pressure.

I still have a lot to learn, new codebases don’t just magically learn themselves, but I have a great team helping me through, and for something that was meant to be a challenging experience, starting work at Easy Agile has been pretty smooth.

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