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[Video] Why customer service is so important for software development teams

29, Apr 2020
Nick Muldoon
Written by Nick Muldoon, Co-CEO

Video Transcript:

I just thought I would take 60 seconds this afternoon to share with you some thoughts about why customer service and indeed good customer service is so important to agile software development teams.

So we've been a software development company for five years now. And that whole time we've had the development team and indeed every team member, including our partnership's manager and head of marketing, plus Dave, my co-founder and myself doing support.

We provide support to our customers so that we know and internalize and understand the needs of our customers as clearly as possible. And it doesn't negate the need for customer interviews and for visiting customers and meeting them face to face at events when it's possible.

But it certainly gives us a much greater appreciation for the day-to-day use cases and scenarios that our customers experience, certainly more so than if we had outsourced our support to another company or another group somewhere else in the world.

So it means that all of our water cooler conversation here in the office over lunch and in our daily huddle, it's all around customer support requests and how can we better satisfy the needs of our customers.

That's why I think keeping customer support within the development team in an agile software development world is a really effective way to stay connected with your customers.

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