Frontend Developer

Easy Agile Career Description - Frontend Developer

Remote (NSW) or in-person (Wollongong)  ·  Product  ·  Full time

Easy Agile is looking for talented Frontend Developers to help us in our mission to help agile teams around the world work better, together.

Our solutions are used by teams at Netflix, NFL, Lego, EA, Mercedes, Dell and Twitter. We are focused on serving our customers, where ever they are, remotely from Australia whilst maintaining balance in our lives.

If you love riding the front-end technology wave and and our values resonate with you, then Easy Agile is the place for you.

About the Role

In this role you'll use Typescript and React to build and improve the front-end of our apps for Atlassian Jira. Your responsibilities will extend from deciding how we build our apps to helping flesh out what we'll ship in our next release.

You'll work in small, fluid and highly focused teams to ship features and improvements to our products which service over 150,000 users around the world.

How we work

We operate using a derivative of Basecamp's Shape Up methodology which marks "Version 2.1" of our development process. We start by creating what we call "opportunities". Opportunities are a thorough description of a new product feature, an underlying business system or even a marketing initiative. We employ System-2 thinking to shape our opportunities to ensure we head into them with our eyes open.

Opportunities are pitched by their authors the week prior to the start of our next opportunity cycle. Opportunity cycles start on a Wednesday and last six weeks. Deciding what to work on as late as practicable ensures we work on what we best know will provide the most value to our customers rather than attempting to guess from 6 months out.

Anyone can put forward an opportunity.

We always schedule a 2 week opportunity comprised entirely of bug fixes to be completed on a rotational roster. We don't jam in more work than we know we can do. We take into account the team members who will be present (taking into consideration vacations) so stress levels stay low and productivity is high.

Opportunity teams are usually 2 or 3 people with each team scheduling their own work using whatever approach they want (so long as we dog food our products) and reviewing their own pull requests. If a team finishes early then they help other teams complete their work. If everyone finishes early, great! Let's celebrate!

We spend four weeks working on the opportunities we accept (which can span two or four weeks each). This is followed by a week of paying down tech debt and then Inception Week.

Inception Week is all about new things which revolutionise the way we work. The feeling we aim for is one of "How did we live without this before!?". 🤯

We finish Inception Week with a team lunch at a nice restaurant (although these have morphed to home delivery during COVID-19).

Finally, like everyone else at Easy Agile, you'll communicate directly with our customers daily via a few support requests and keep in touch with the rest of the team in our morning huddle.

You can read more about how we work here.

About you

You value crafting well-tested, clearly-written code and you understand it as a means to getting the right solution into your customers' hands. You desire more than just "getting the job done", but to learn something new every day and to leave the codebase better than you found it.

You love sharing things you learn with your team and learning from them in turn. You are open-minded to new technology and are in the pursuit of constant improvement of the systems you work with, yourself and others around you.

You are eager to talk to customers and validate the results of your work with data, even if it shows you were wrong in your assumptions.

Your day one qualities..

  • an in-depth experience with React and Typescript
  • an opinion of what makes a good user experience
  • a passion to continuously learn and better yourself

We'll be excited if you..

  • understand how to use data to realise the best outcome
  • love helping the people around you
  • can inspire us with your vision for your future

Working at Easy Agile

  • Learn from an amazingly talented group of professionals
  • Attend conferences around the world
  • Give back to the local community (we're Pledge 1% members)
  • Hone your craft with your $5000 Learning and Development package
  • Enjoy coffee with the team every morning
  • Go home after lunch on Fridays in Summer

Hear from the team

Hi. I'm Teagan. Product Manager at Easy Agile. I know what it's like to read a job description. You're asking how much of this is real, and what will it really be like if I get the job? I had no idea what working at Easy Agile would be like when I started, but I was only one month in and I was on a plane to San Francisco! You can read all about it in my blog post about my first two years at Easy Agile.

People over perfection

If you are excited about this role but not sure if you meet all of the criteria, please apply. Research shows women and minority groups are less likely to apply for roles where they don't meet 100% of the criteria. We value punching above our weight and people over perfection, so go ahead and apply - we'd love to hear from you.

How to Apply

Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. There are no right answers or cookie-cutter expectations. Show us your role in Easy Agile’s future and Easy Agile’s role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Give it a deep think and take this at your speed. We’re giving you our full attention.

All documents should be in PDF format. There’s no benefit to writing a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you.

We know this is a lot of work and there’s a lot on the line. It’s a significant career move to consider. We appreciate the generosity and courage that go into giving us that consideration. Our conversation starts with this post. We look forward to hearing from you.