Internal Systems Product Manager

Easy Agile Career Description - Internal Systems Product Manager

Wollongong, Australia  ·  Product  ·  Full time
$90 - $120k   (plus 12% superannuation)

Easy Agile is looking for a passionate Internal Systems Product Manager to join our team and help us achieve our mission to make agile teams around the world work better together. Our solutions are used by teams at Netflix, NFL, Disney, Lego, EA, Mercedes, Dell and Twitter and we are focused on serving our global customers while working locally and achieving balance.

If you love removing road blocks so others can do their best work and bringing groups of people together to identify shared opportunities and efficiencies, then Easy Agile is the place for you.

Our internal systems personify our company value, punch above our weight. They enable all pillars of the business - marketing, engineering, operations, product, partnerships - to deliver customer value by providing the systems we need to:

  • continuously ship value to our customers
  • communicate personalised and timely messages that help our customers and partners get the most value out of our products
  • measure the impact/success of the solutions we’re delivering to our customers
  • provide help + support to our customers

We understand the importance these systems have in our ability to succeed and grow, and refer to them internally as our growth systems.

About the Role

  • Working with our business pillars to create longer term visions/roadmaps for our internal systems such as our website, partner portal, customer documentation + public roadmaps to name a fewWorking with our business pillars to understand their desired outcomes, and effectively communicate and scope solutions, success + acceptance criteria into deliverable Opportunities (read ‘How we work at Easy Agile’ for more context on our Opportunities)
  • Working with the growth systems team to execute on Opportunities
  • Communicating and celebrating the wins of the Growth Systems Team with the rest of the business
  • Continuously improving the team’s experience with growth systems by assessing engagement + satisfaction regularly

About you

People describe you as an artful communicator, somebody who can distill complex information into a well-articulated strategy and effectively take the relevant people on the journey with you.

You are in your element when you are building solutions, finding strategies and implementing systems that help people do their best work, whether that be the Marketing, Engineering, Ops Team, or all of them. Your idea of success is seeing your work enable others and helping us scale deliberately and effectively into the future.

Connecting dots, understanding team pain points, and seeing the bigger picture in a web of intricacies comes naturally to you. You are able to take a holistic perspective to your work and help teams see with clarity.

You view effectiveness as achieving high-quality outcomes rather than measuring outputs. We are a team that believes outcomes are the most important and you will be leading the way and setting the example for us every day.

Absorbing, analysing and interpreting large sets of information, data and complexities is where you feel most comfortable. You love the details and hold people to account in ensuring the highest quality and thorough delivery.

You must have excellent communication skills as you will be required to:

  • collaborate with multiple stakeholders and managing those relationships across different communication styles and teams
  • synthesise large amounts of information and clearly articulate a path forward
  • prioritise work, artfully pushing back and manage expectations across teams
  • disseminate targeted and timely information to relevant parties so everybody has the tailored information they need to move forward

Your day one qualities..

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Minimum 2 years Product Management, Product Owner or Business Analyst experience

We'll be excited if you..

  • Have experience working in a cross-functional, agile team
  • Have been accountable for an internal system in the past
  • Have a keen eye for superb user experiences

Working at Easy Agile

  • Learn from an amazingly talented group of professionals
  • Attend conferences around the world
  • Give back to the local community (we're Pledge 1% members)
  • Hone your craft with your $5000 Learning and Development package
  • Enjoy coffee with the team every morning
  • Go home after lunch on Fridays in Summer

Hear from the team

Hi. I'm Teagan. Product Manager at Easy Agile. I know what it's like to read a job description. You're asking how much of this is real, and what will it really be like if I get the job? I had no idea what working at Easy Agile would be like when I started, but I was only one month in and I was on a plane to San Francisco! You can read all about it in my blog post about my first two years at Easy Agile.

Teagan Harbridge

Head of Product

People over perfection

If you are excited about this role but not sure if you meet all of the criteria, please apply. Research shows women and minority groups are less likely to apply for roles where they don't meet 100% of the criteria. We value punching above our weight and people over perfection, so go ahead and apply - we'd love to hear from you.

How to Apply

Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. There are no right answers or cookie-cutter expectations. Show us your role in Easy Agile’s future and Easy Agile’s role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Give it a deep think and take this at your speed. We’re giving you our full attention.

All documents should be in PDF format. There’s no benefit to writing a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you.

We know this is a lot of work and there’s a lot on the line. It’s a significant career move to consider. We appreciate the generosity and courage that go into giving us that consideration. Our conversation starts with this post. We look forward to hearing from you.