Senior Software Developar

Wollongong, Australia  ·  Product  ·  Full-Time
$130 - $160k  (plus 12% superannuation)

Easy Agile is on the look out for a talented senior software developer. Join our passionate team to help us achieve our mission to make 100,000 agile teams around the world more effective.

A senior software developer at Easy Agile combines System 2 thinking, passion and programming to punch above their weight. They commit to the team by being authentic, courageous and intelligently do the hard things which make our customers' agile experience easy. They bring their whole selves to work and give back to the community. The role of Senior Software Developer at Easy Agile spans everything from AWS infrastructure to kerning.

More about you

You love working smart to deliver amazing solutions to customers around the globe. You have experience with front-end frameworks such as React, infrastructure as code (AWS CloudFormation, Lambda, RDS) and schema-based data storage (Postgres, SQL). You have thoughtful communication, problem-solving and organisational skills. You are eager to travel to an event or hop on the phone with a customer and learn from their experience.

You must have

  • A minimum of 5 years of web development experience in an agile, cross-functional team
  • Proficiency in React, Redux, Node.js
  • Experience developing complex single-page apps
  • A passion for learning and sharing

We'll be excited if you..

  • Have experience crafting an amazing user experience
  • Know a good customer journey when you see one
  • Have a passion of validating customer ideas and running experiments
  • Love sharing your creations with the community, such as open source contributions or meet-up presentations
  • Can write an SQL statement with window functions and survive to tell the tale