Senior Internal Systems Engineer

Easy Agile Career Description - Senior Internal Systems Engineer

Remote (NSW) or in-person (Wollongong)  ·  Engineering  ·  Full time

About us

We believe that for too long agile has become synonymous with the “doing” of ceremonies like sprint planning, retrospectives and daily huddles. We believe that being agile is a mindset and that true agility unlocks a team’s potential to be happier at work, more impactful with the solutions they’re building, and more focused on their customer’s success.

We believe being agile means:

  • trust in the team
  • innovation and creativity
  • curiosity and learning
  • living lean principles

That’s why our purpose is to help teams be agile.

We believe the way to achieve this is by educating, empowering and giving teams at all stages of agile maturity the tools, support and thought-leadership they need to succeed.

We’re a product and technology-led software company founded by two ex-Atlassian alumni in 2016 and we’ve been building from the bottom up ever since. We’re proud to call over 1,800 companies such as Netflix, Harvard, Amazon, Lego, Mercedes and Twitter our customers.

Easy Agile has 4 products that are built on-top of Atlassian’s flagship product Jira and sold via the Atlassian Marketplace. Every month, over 160,000 agile team members use our apps to help them deliver value to their customers.

Our products help team’s at all stages of their agile journey; from just getting started at sprint planning and persona building, all the way through to enterprise and large scale, team of team planning.

We’re a team of talented and curious graduates, mums, dads, knitting and plant enthusiasts, first-home owners and pet lovers, and we’re proud of our sustainable growth story. Our values are lived and breathed in everything that we do, and have become part of our everyday language.

We’ve made the coastal town of Wollongong, Australia our home and our beautiful new office is nestled between the mountains and the sea. We love our community and show our support through groups like Siligong Valley and our commitment to Pledge 1%.

About the Role

One of our values at Easy Agile is "Punch above our weight". This means that we use technology to enhance our capabilities and super charge our productivity. The Growth Systems team's primary goal is to provide the excellent tools that multiply the team's ability to punch above their weight. Some of the tools that we currently support are:

  • Internal developer container & tooling
  • Internal apps that integrate with Jira
  • Our CRM, it’s database, data flows and reporting
  • Our public facing website
  • Business analytics, insight and reporting
  • Our partner portal for our 50+ global solution partners
  • Process automation across the entire business

As part of the team you’ll be responsible for continuous improvement of our toolset. You’ll get to directly support the entire business and enable them to get the most out of the limited hours in their days. You’ll primarily do this by talking to team mates, observing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, creating solutions and implementing them.

We do not believe that engineers should sit quietly in the corner. We expect you to bring your whole self to work, demonstrate empathy for your internal customers and work closely with them. This approach requires a huge amount of team work and maturity and is not right for everyone, but we believe it’s the best way to create great software.

About you

You care about software and your passion is clearly conveyed by your actions. You have demonstrated experience in delivering business value and delighting customers. You possess a growth mindset which manifests in your drive for learning and sharing.

You bring your not insignificant years of experience to bear in helping graduate, junior and mid-level developers thrive in a wholesome, supporting environment. You lead by example and take pride in solving problems in a clean, well-considered and crafted way.

Technologies you'll encounter daily in this role are:

  • Typescript running on Node.js
  • Docker containers for build/test/deploy
  • Jest for testing
  • Eslint to keep everything nice and neat
  • AWS ECS for running our stack
  • Jira and Confluence for keeping syncrhonised with the team
  • CloudFormation and AWS CDK

On a weekly level, you'll probably encounter:

  • Github Actions
  • TypeORM for database mapping
  • Amazon Athena

By no means do you need to have mastered all of these to apply. Knowledge of, or a desire to learn, Typescript is a plus.

We'll be excited if you..

  • Have a passion for your craft and use TDD
  • Can architect and build excellent solutions using existing systems
  • Have a keen interest in Lean principles and automation
  • Are actively developing personal repositories and/or contributing to open source projects

Working at Easy Agile

  • Learn from an amazingly talented group of professionals
  • Attend conferences around the world
  • Give back to the local community (we're Pledge 1% members)
  • Hone your craft with your $5000 Learning and Development package
  • Enjoy coffee with the team every morning
  • Go home after lunch on Fridays in Summer

Hear from the team

Hi. I'm Teagan. Product Manager at Easy Agile. I know what it's like to read a job description. You're asking how much of this is real, and what will it really be like if I get the job? I had no idea what working at Easy Agile would be like when I started, but I was only one month in and I was on a plane to San Francisco! You can read all about it in my blog post about my first two years at Easy Agile.

People over perfection

If you are excited about this role but not sure if you meet all of the criteria, please apply. Research shows women and minority groups are less likely to apply for roles where they don't meet 100% of the criteria. We value punching above our weight and people over perfection, so go ahead and apply - we'd love to hear from you.

How to Apply

Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. There are no right answers or cookie-cutter expectations. Show us your role in Easy Agile’s future and Easy Agile’s role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Give it a deep think and take this at your speed. We’re giving you our full attention.

All documents should be in PDF format. There’s no benefit to writing a novel. Keep it sharp, short, and get across what matters to you.

We know this is a lot of work and there’s a lot on the line. It’s a significant career move to consider. We appreciate the generosity and courage that go into giving us that consideration. Our conversation starts with this post. We look forward to hearing from you.