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Senior Software Engineer

Easy Agile Career Description - Senior Software Engineer

Remote (NSW) or in-person (Wollongong)  ·  Engineering  ·  Full time

About us:

Easy Agile is an Australian-founded bootstrapped start-up. Profitable from year 1, we are on a truly unique journey with an emphasis on self/family/community/work balance, while growing a high-performing team. We’re proud to call over 1,900 global companies our customers, including Netflix, Harvard, Amazon, Lego, Mercedes and Twitter.

We keep the human at the centre of all that we do. When you work at Easy Agile, each day you feel it and live it - the shared beliefs, the collective focus, the team camaraderie and our united values.

We believe that being agile is a mindset, and that true agility unlocks a team’s potential to be happier at work, more impactful with the solutions they’re building, and more focused on their customers' success! That’s why our purpose is to help teams not just do agile, but be agile.

Founded by Atlassian Alumni, they swapped life in San Francisco for a life in Wollongong, offering an easy commute combined with the coastal lifestyle needed to fill our cup. While we’re based in Wollongong, you don’t need to be. We offer flexible working and optimise for collaboration and connection as a team each quarter.

About the Role

Your responsibilities will be hands-on and extend from coaching and mentoring junior members of your team, through to deciding how we build our apps, to helping flesh out what we'll ship in our next release. You'll work in small, fluid and highly focused teams to ship new features and improvements to our products which service over 170,000 users around the world!

You’ll use Typescript, React and any other technology you deem to be the best way to build and improve the front-end of our apps for Atlassian Jira! You’ll also have the opportunity to speak directly with our customers and hear first-hand about what they’re finding, and how we can improve our products to suit their needs.

About you

You have a solid engineering background behind you, and after a number of years working with React & Typescript you consider yourself to be highly competent in these technologies. You’re now pumped and eager to take your career to the next level!

You value crafting well-tested, clearly-written code and you understand it as a means to getting the right solution into your customers' hands. You desire more than just "getting the job done", but to learn something new every day and to leave the codebase better than you found it. You wish to inspire those around you and mentor and coach junior team members.

You’re ready to grow and learn - every single week! Continuous improvement is part of your DNA.

Your day one qualities:

  • Minimum 6+ years development experience with minimum 3+ years experience working with React and JavaScript/Typescript.
  • Experience developing complex SaaS applications
  • Experience working in a truly agile cross-functional team
  • Actively participate in continuous improvement of engineering practices
  • You have a passion for sharing your knowledge and learnings in order to help others succeed
  • You have a passion for learning from your team and others to grow and advance in your career
  • You want to enable the team to be even stronger than when you joined!
  • You are eager to talk to customers and validate the results of your work with data - even if it shows you were wrong in your assumptions

We'll be excited if you:

  • Have experience crafting an amazing user experience
  • Know a good customer journey when you see one
  • Have a passion for validating customer ideas and running experiments
  • Love sharing your creations with the community, such as open-source contributions or meet-up presentations
  • Can write SQL statements with window functions and survive to tell the tale
  • Have experience with Java and NodeJS

Working at Easy Agile

  • Unique and generous Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP)
  • Flexible working options (because we value outcomes over output)
  • Four paid volunteer days a year to dedicate to your favourite cause
  • An annual learning allowance of $5,000 to help you up-level your skills
  • Quarterly experimentation hackathon weeks to explore new ideas
  • 1.5% in additional superannuation contributions per annum
  • Company-funded parental leave (20 weeks full pay for the primary caregiver and 6 weeks for the secondary caregiver)
  • Summer sessions where you get half days off on Fridays to enjoy the amazing weather as you please
  • $2000 to put towards your home-office fit out (if you choose to work from home)
  • Quarterly team offsites to invest in collaboration and connection. Check out our last one here
  • Opportunities to travel overseas to conferences to learn more about our customers and agile

People over perfection

If you are excited about this role but not sure if you meet all of the criteria, please apply. Research shows women and minority groups are less likely to apply for roles where they don't meet 100% of the criteria. We value punching above our weight and people over perfection, so go ahead and apply - we'd love to hear from you.

How to Apply

Please send an application that speaks directly to this position. There are no right answers or cookie-cutter expectations. Show us your role in Easy Agile’s future and Easy Agile’s role in yours. Address some of the work we do. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Give it a deep think and take this at your speed. We’re giving you our full attention. Our conversation starts with this post. We look forward to hearing from you.