Events and webinars

Meet the Easy Agile Team online! Join us for an upcoming online/in-person event or webinar so we can answer your questions and dive deep on Easy Agile products and agile best practice.

In-person events 2023

Hayley Rodd, Senior Partner Manager and Elizabeth Cranston, Senior Product Manager will be in the USA & Europe for the month of May.

If you are keen to provide feedback we would love the opportunity to meet with you to hear about the wins and challenges of evaluating our product and what we could do to improve.

New Releases!

Agile way of managing ideas - Easy Agile & Almarise

Hear tips for managing ideas in Jira with Idea Hub by Almarise, and learn about Easy Agile Inception Weeks, and how we've taken our agile ideas and turned them into new product features and resources that can help you and your team be agile.

Join Chris Stone, The Virtual Agile Coach for an interactive exploration of his top tips, strategies, and hacks for continuous improvement.

How the SAFe® flow accelerators can help your agile teams deliver value

In today’s world, everything is moving fast from customer desires to business opportunities. For teams to keep accelerating value, unnecessary interruptions must be removed and replaced with a seamless work flow.

In this webinar, expert Rebecca Davis and Jasmin Iordanidis reflect on their experience with flow and discuss:

  • Why you need to have a flow mindset for the flow accelerators to be successful
  • The importance of using flow metrics to improve customer outcomes
  • How the SAFe® flow accelerators impact productivity and value
  • How to use the flow accelerators to adapt to the hybrid model of working
  • The important role trust plays between a team and their leader when it comes to using the flow accelerators and flow metrics

Your hosts:

Jasmin Iordanidis : Product Marketing Manager, Certified SAFe® 5 Program Consultant, Easy Agile

Rebecca Davis: SAFe Fellow, SPCT & Principal Consultant, Scaled Agile

On Demand

Setting Agile Teams up for Success

In this roundtable with experts from @Valiantys and @Lyft, you’ll learn:

  • The roles Agile leaders play in driving the success of their teams
  • How to create a compelling ‘why’ for Agile that everyone will want to support
  • Best practice for high-performing, Agile teams

Tools & Tips for PI Planning

PI Planning tips for distributed teams and show you how Easy Agile Programs helps you run remote fast and secure PI Planning sessions in Jira.

Ask Us Anything - Easy Agile Programs

Got a question about Easy Agile Programs? Need some help with something particular in the tool or want to know how to get the most out of a feature?

Eliminate your flat backlog

We’ve all experienced the dreaded flat backlog, learn how user story mapping can be used to create a customer-focused view of prioritized work.

Essentials of User Story Mapping

Easy Agile Co-Founder & Co-CEO Nick Muldoon walks through the essentials of User Story Mapping. What is a User Story Map? Why do we create story maps?

Do's and Don'ts of Agile Teams with Adaptavist

This webinar will take a deep dive into the SAFe agile team with partners and SAFe experts Easy Agile and Adaptavist.

How-to guide to navigating the ups and downs of Atlassian Cloud migration

In this webinar as we talk Atlassian Cloud and how to navigate the ups and downs to succeed at your migration.