Give Back - Adopt a Koala

Competition time! Chance to win a SAFe qualification & a koala adopted in your company name + more. We adopted 10 Koalas on behalf of the winners!




Congratulations to the winner of the SAFe Koalafication - Laurie Calverley from Cancer Research UK 👏 🐨 🎉

Thank you to all who entered! We had some great entries and had a tough time picking our winner. We're so excited to witness how this SAFe Koalafication will be able to help Laurie & his team.

"This will help us scale agility and our tiny team of Agile Coaches 'punch above our weight' and help the Cancer Research UK do the same in its fight against cancer ... this will grow the skills in the charity, helping us save time and money that can be put into fighting cancer."

As the winner, Laurie received a SAFe certification + Easy Agile Koala themed swag pack + a koala adopted on behalf of the team at Cancer Reserach UK

Koala Campaign Winner

Big congratulations to all our runners up as well! 👏 🐨 🎉

We ar really excited to be able to adopt a koala on your behalf and support a great cause! Thanks for helping us #giveback and demonstrate how we can all #punchaboveourweight

Runners Up

Tough time for our furry friends 🐨

Recent times have seen Koalas suffer immensely. Between bush fires, droughts, disease and loss of habitat our furry friends are in much need of support.

  • 30,000 koalas died during the 2019-2020 bushfire season
  • Habitat loss is the single biggest threat to the decline of koalas in Australia (the fires destroyed 24% of koala habitat on public lands)

The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility, located in NSW Australia. The hospital has been around for almost 50 years and works to lead the way in the care and conservation of wild koalas. Learn more below.

Here at Easy Agile, one of our core values is Give Back. We love to actively participate in our communties and continue to educate ourselves on areas that need our attention. Whether it's showing up, lending a hand, teaching a skill or donating dollars, Easy Agile gives back.

The competition was a chance to join us and support giving back. In May 2021, we ran a give back themed competiton! Who doesn't love koalas and a qualification, that's why we combined the two. Giving you the chance to get koalafied!

Get Koalafied

Prizes 🏆
1st Prize

  • SAFe® Certification
  • Koala adoption from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in your company name
  • Easy Agile koala themed swag

Runners Up (10 of you)

  • Koala adoption from the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital in your company name
  • Easy Agile koala themed swag
Easy Agile Koala Swag


👀 Entry criteria: You must hold an active Easy Agile license

At Easy Agile, one of our core values is "Punch above our weight". We believe in working smart to deliver high impact solutions, and experimenting knowing it is okay to fail as it gives us the opportunity to learn.

Tell us in 50-100 words how a SAFe® Koalaification would help you punch above your weight?

Easy Agile Koala

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the Easy Agile Giveaway.

  1. The promotion is open to existing Easy Agile clients worldwide, with an active licence. Clients may enter the promotion by fulfilling all mandatory survey criteria.
  2. The promotion will run from 12/5/21 to 2/6/2021 and winner will be announced on the 9/6/2021.
  3. This is a game of skill and the winning entry is the response that is selected as the most creative and inspiring by the Easy Agile panel.
  4. The winner will be awarded the prize as follows
    1. 1st prize
      1. A SAFe® Qualification up to the value of $5000USD. TBC with winner post competition
      2. Koala adopted in company name
      3. Easy Agile Koala themed swag pack
    2. Runners Up = (10)
      1. Koala adopted in company name
      2. Easy Agile Koala themed swag pack
  5. The prize is not transferable
  6. All entries in the promotion are the property of Easy Agile
    1. Entrants will participate and provide content for promotional purposes
    2. Provide an Image of you and/or your team
    3. Provide an Image once you have received your prize pack
    4. Participate in an Easy Agile Case Study
  7. This promotion is governed by the laws of the state of New South Wales and are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales