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Managing Scheduling Conflicts

December 2021 | Version 4.3.0

What's new?

We want to ensure you and the work of your teams is easily visualised to support you staying on track in delivering value.

This release introduces new functionality for you to clearly identify when scheduled work doesn't align with the timings of your epics/features scheduled on the roadmap, putting them at risk.

If an issue relating to an epic/feature is scheduled after that feature's deadline, a warning sign will appear on the Program Board:

Screenflow showing how a warning sign appears on the Program Roadmap if there is an issue scheduled after the feature or epic it relates to

You can just as easily mitigate the risk by:

  • Extending the feature across more sprints to accommodate the scheduled issues, or
  • Reschedule team level issues to deliver these prior to the feature deadline through simple drag and drop

Editing Improvements

November 2021 | Version 4.2.0

What's new?

Edit sprint count (19 customer votes)

Need to shorten the current PI just in time for the Christmas period? You can now adjust the sprint count to accommodate. This is in addition to our previous release where you were able to edit the sprint start date and sprint length.

Edit sprint count

+ Ability to edit sprints from Team Planning Board

Teams using team managed sprints can now edit sprints directly from the Team Planning Board, including the option to select a closed sprint.

Changing sprint from team planning board

Add your team to multiple programs (16 customer votes)

Teams that work across more than one ART, such as a shared services team, can now be added to multiple Programs.

Filter the Program Board by Feature

Want to see the issues linked to a feature across multiple teams with a simple click?

You can now select a feature/epic and only the issues linked to that epic will appear in the team swimlanes beneath, to make it easier than before to see who is working on what.

Filter the Program Board by feature

Sprint customisation and user improvements

October 2021 | Version 4.1.0

What's new?

Edit increment and sprint length

Need to change when the increment starts to accommodate a holiday period? Want to adjust the sprint length to accommodate your team's unique cadence?

The latest release of Easy Agile Programs allows you to do just that. Additionally sprint length and sprint count properties are storied at the increment level rather than the Program level to allow for a change of cadence during the length of the program.

Screen flow that shows editing increment start date and sprint length

Assignee is now visible on issue cards from the Team Planning Board to see which team member is working on which issues in a given sprint or increment.

Screen flow of assignee on issue card

What's improved?

  • Navigate to future increments from Programs List
  • Delete milestone moved to milestone modal
  • In addition to the Shared Team Features Swimlane, you can now collapse and expand team swimlanes on the Program Board

  • Conflict with Zephyr add-on causing our cards to display with no borders
  • Milestones bugfixes
  • Other minor bugfixes

Digitising the Program Board

August 2021 | Version 4.0.1

SAFe practitioners rejoice! The features you value most in Easy Agile Programs have been brought together in the one view and enhanced to deliver the full SAFe Program Board experience.

The Program Board is a key output of SAFe PI Planning. Now you have a holistic view of the PI in one screen with the ability to filter details as needed, as well as all the cues needed for a successful PI Planning session.

Additionally a more focused view of the Program Board means that Release Train Engineers, Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Product Owners can easily identify features the teams are working on, and associated dependencies, for more productive and collaborative Scrum of Scrums or ART syncs.

What's new on the Program Board?

Previously customers could only see dependencies between stories, now you can see feature to feature and feature to user story dependencies - all full screen.

Create, view and edit milestones in context of the work. Keep relevant events, milestones and deliverables visible on the Program Board - or collapse them from view to reduce distraction.

Roadmap quick filters have been added to the filters menu for programs using a dedicated roadmap board. Focus conversations on high level work planned for the PI by filtering features by portfolio epic, initiative, business owner or any parameter important to your team.

Screenflow of Easy Agile Programs create milestones, toggle team level issues and toggle dependency types

What's improved?

There are more options to customise what you see on the Program Board to reduce the visual noise.

You now have the option to switch team level issues on/off using the View Setting Menu.

Only want to at risk dependencies? Toggle healthy, at risk or blocked dependencies on/off at your choosing.


Filter more than the backlog for better focus

June 2021 | Version 3.6.0

Up until now, quick filters could only be applied to the backlog. This meant that the Team Planning Board and Increment Roadmap had more detail than what you may have needed to see during pre-planning and team breakout sessions.

With this release, teams will be able to use Quick Filters to filter both the backlog and issues scheduled on their Team Planning Board. For those Programs using a dedicated feature/epic board you can also use Quick Filters to filter both the backlog and issues scheduled on the Increment Roadmap 🔎

What's more - you won't lose these active filters when you refresh or return to the Program!

GIF of filtering the Increment Overview

Special thanks to customers Tricia, Frank, Tessy and Gaby for taking the time to walk us through your feedback that lead to this release 👏

+ Share your view of the Program

Want to share that filtered view with another team member or stakeholder to make sure you're on the same page?

You can now do this by simply copying the URL of your current view 👌 Easy!

☁️ Cloud customers

We are excited to share that Native Jira issue view is now available for Cloud customers, so you don't have to leave the app to access:

  • rich media and comments
  • subtasks and linked issues
  • configured fields

Other small improvements and bugfixes

  • Enhanced breadcrumbs design to improve ease of navigation
  • Custom fields bugfix to remove error message “Error rendering program-increment-field” on the Jira create issue screen
  • Issues are orphaned when a board is deleted
  • The order of teams should not impact the ranking of my epics
  • Team capacity and issue estimate disappearing
  • Timing issue fails to load the backlog on the edit roadmap screen
  • Other minor bugfixes

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Enhancing Program and Program Increment custom fields 🍾

April 2021 | Version 3.4.0

Jira Issue view with Program Increment and Program custom fields

As the most voted issue on our backlog, we're excited to announce that Program and Program Increment custom fields are now visible on all Jira issues in your Program for greater visibility and transparency 👏

Want to track which features and stories are scheduled in a Program or Program Increment?

All customers across Server, Data Center and Cloud, including both Scrum and Kanban teams, can now track what's being scheduled without manual work arounds.

For Server and Data Center customers, it's also easy to navigate to the Program or PI from the issue - simply click on the custom field value:

Navigate to the Program and Program Increment from the issue

Like Server and Data Center, Cloud customers are also now able to see the history of where an issue has been scheduled in your Program.

🎉 We're excited to share this release to our customers to reap these benefits:

Greater visibility of work scheduled in PI and Program

Improved and easier reporting capability

Improved navigation to the PI and Program from an individual issue

eazyBI user?

Reporting just got a whole lot easier. Issues and Features will now be pulled into eazyBI with the name of the Program and Program Increment not just the object ID. Say hello to more accurate and less-time consuming reporting!

We're listening to your feedback - April Updates

Update: April 2021 | Version 3.5.0

Reorder team swimlanes for quicker reference

Scrolling through team swimlanes to find ones of interest? In this release you can reorder the team swimlanes to prioritise your view. This order will be reflected on all views across Easy Agile Programs.

Screenflow of reordering team swimlanes in the Team Planning Board

See your sprints with calendar dates

The Increment Overview and Team Planning Board now show dates beneath your sprints so you don't need to leave the app for real-time reference.

Migrate from Server to Cloud with ease

Easy Agile Programs is now compatible with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant so you can move your Programs from Server to Cloud. Find out how.

🐛 Minor Bugfixes.

Update: March 2021 | Version 3.3.0

Improved focus on at risk and dependent issues

Filtering of the increment overview

At risk work and dependencies between teams is now easier to see with new and improved filtering capability on the Increment Overview.

Visual noise can be stripped back by:

  • Dependency: easily isolate blocked, at risk or healthy dependencies
  • Status: track and filter out what's in progress, to do and done
  • Team: choose which team swimlanes are in view

When might you use these filters?

With the combination of filters applied, noisy Increment Overviews are distilled so Release Train Engineers and Product Owners can more clearly see dependencies between teams ahead of ART or PO syncs, or scrum of scrums.

✅ Quickly provide an update on completed work

Easily focus syncs on what the team will accomplish

Proactively discuss problems or opportunities during feature development


We've cut the load time of Programs by 50% so you and your teams can visualise work faster

What else have we improved?

  • Selecting a Shared Team Features on the Team Planning Board now filters the work of all teams toggled
  • For multi-project boards, the last used project should now be remembered when creating stories on your Team Planning Board
  • Quick create doesn't auto focus on input field when switching between team planning boards
  • Minor navigation updates for consistency across screens

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