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Easy Agile User Story Maps Feature Log

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March 2022 | Version 7.4.0

With the end-of-life for Atlassian Server products fast approaching, many of our Server customers are making plans to migrate to Data Center or Cloud.

While most of the data you view on the Story Map is saved in Jira and would continue to function once Jira migration is complete, settings for Saved Views, Issue Hierarchy, and recently introduced Card Configuration would need to be set up again….until now!

Easy Agile Help With Migration

To make your migration experience as seamless as possible, we’ve released updates to support User Story Maps migration via Jira Site Import and JCMA, so that you can avoid the need to recreate your views, hierarchy or card settings. Once your migration is complete, all of your Story Map settings will be available for use.

Are you planning a migration? We’re here to help.

  • Visit our help documentation for a step by step guide on migrating User Story Maps
  • Contact us via Easy Agile Support to help with any questions you have about migrating

Supporting your migration

The Easy Agile team and our network of partners are here to help you with your migration from Server to DC or Cloud. We’re also offering loyalty discounts when you migrate from Server to DC, and we’re part of the Atlassian Cloud Loyalty Discount Program and the Atlassian Dual Licensing Program.

See more at a glance

January 2022 | Version 7.1.0

Find value faster with more information now visible on the Story Map. With this release you can:

  • View, add and edit Sprint Goals on the Story Map
  • View, add and edit Version Descriptions on the Story Map
  • Display valuable information like status and labels on issue cards

You’ll find instructions for using these new features in the Easy Agile User Story Maps Help Center:

  • Adding Sprint Goals on the Story Map
  • Adding Version Descriptions on the Story Map
  • Displaying additional fields on issue cards

We’re really keen to hear your feedback on this release, so please share your questions and suggestions with us via

November 2021 | Version 7.0

We’ve introduced a powerful new way to visualise your scope of work. Configure a third level hierarchy in your story map to group your epics and issues by the initiative you choose.

You could use the third level of hierarchy in the story map to group stages in the user journey, or to group epics and issues by product features; anything aligned with an initiative type that you have configured in Jira.

We think this third level of hierarchy will help teams, product owners, and business owners alike gain a better understanding of the scope and progress of work. Using the story map to visualise how initiatives are broken down into epics and issues will give all stakeholders a clearer picture of work required, completed, and yet to come.

Advice on how to configure your story map hierarchy is available in our User Story Maps user documentation.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the first release of this new feature! Send your thoughts to

September 2021 | Version 6.8.0

We’ve reduced the time it takes to load the story map by changing the way issues and epics are loaded, meaning you see the what you need to on the story map more quickly.

August 2021 | Version 6.7.0

We’ve been working hard to improve the performance of the User Story Map for multi-project boards. User Story Maps should work seamlessly for boards of all size, so when our users started telling us they were seeing performance issues for multi-project boards, we started investigating. Check out our approach and early results.

User Story Maps performance improvements

We also fixed a bug that meant non-integer estimates were being rounded up or down.

Quick actions!

June 2021 | Version 6.6.0

We’re making sprint planning quicker and more seamless for our customers who use the Story Map during their sprint planning sessions.

No more tedious scrolling & dragging issues across the story map, using our new quick actions menu you can now send issues:

  • to the top and bottom of the backlog, or
  • to another sprint


By scaling the usability of the Story Map we aim to reduce the time wasted creating and re-positioning issues, to make it more effective for planning. The quick actions menu will reduce the time wasted on “fiddly admin work” in sprint planning meetings.

Quick create epics and issues - anywhere!

May 2021 | Version 6.5.0

Our customers favourite feature in Easy Agile User Story Maps just got better!

We know you love Easy Agile User Story Maps because it provides the context of being able to organise your backlog into epics and sprints for a holistic view of your team's work.

We're excited to share that you can now create both issues and epics right on the Story Map, and according to priority as the conversation unfolds.

Up until now issues could only be created on the Story Map at the bottom of the list of issues under an epic.

Some of our customers had dozens of issues underneath an epic in a sprint. We quickly understood how frustrating it was to have to scroll all the way to the bottom to create an issue, and then drag it into place according to priority.

With this release you can say goodbye to the dreaded scroll and hello to smoother sprint planning sessions!

Easy Agile User Story Maps can keep up with the pace of your workflows and conversation, enabling quick and fluid pre-planning, sprint planning and backlog grooming sessions with one-touch issue creation.

We believe this is the easiest and fastest ways to create issues in Jira - big call we know!

We know you work in a fast-paced environment and we think the tools that support your workflow should too.

Quick create issues and epics GIF

The result?

✅ Create, schedule and prioritise issues with one touch and one step

✅ Break down epics into stories and tasks within context

✅ A responsive tool for fluid and collaborative conversations

Save time with Saved Views

January 2021 | Version 6.3.0

Your ability to customise your focus of the User Story Map just got a whole lot better.

The User Story Map is a powerful tool to align your team with a holistic representation of your work, and the customer journey. But what about when you're back at your desk or kicking off a Sprint Planning session and don't need to see the whole picture?

The latest release of Easy Agile User Story Map revolutionises the way you can use the Story Map by helping you to focus on the work you care about - quickly and easily each time.

Saved Views allows you to take full advantage of the filtering options available to you in the filters drawer from our previous release, where you can filter your Story Map by Epics, Issues, assignees and components to customise your view.

The best bit is you can now save that view, ready for you each time you log in to your Story Map and share it with others across your team.

How does this help me?

🎯 Save time with a saved view

A Saved View lets you apply a combinations of filters and toggles to generate a unique view of how you'd like to see your Story Map and save it for later. This means it's quicker and easier for you to focus on the work that matters without the noise.

🏋️‍♀️ Make the Story Map work for you

Instead of the bottomless backlog, creating issues directly on the Story Map means they are always planned into a Sprint or Version and always linked to an Epic. A Saved View means you can now use the Story Map to monitor the work you care about with the added context of the bigger picture - keeping it all in the one place.

🔥 Scale the conversation

Share your view of the Story Map with others in your team so you can start and finish the Sprint on the same page.

Scrum Masters and Product Owners can scale Sprint Planning efforts while saving time, with the ability to easily monitor progress at a team and meta team level.

Want to learn more about how to run an effective Sprint Planning session using Easy Agile User Story Maps? We have an on demand webinar:

Where do I start?

Teagan Harbridge, Head of Product, walks you through how to create, save, share, update and delete a Saved View using the filtering capability in Easy Agile User Story Maps

When might I use a Saved View?

Save the Story Map to show works in progress, for yourself or your team

✅ Scrum Master and Product Owners can easily focus on unestimated work for Backlog Grooming

✅ Share a focused view with your whole team during a Sprint kick off

We are continually improving our products' performance and features. If you are unable to view the features we've detailed here, it means you aren't on the latest version of Easy Agile User Story Maps. Only a Jira administrator can update this for you.

Please feel free to use the sample copy below to reach out to your IT help desk to ask for an update to the latest version of Easy Agile User Story Maps.

Sample update request message

Hi there,

I've recently learnt that the version of Easy Agile Programs we have installed is outdated. We're missing out on critical updates, performance improvements and new features to help me do my job more effectively and to get the most value out of the product.

The latest version of Easy Agile Programs is compatible with all currently supported versions of Jira and can be easily updated by using the "Universal Plugin Manager" in Jira.

You can read all about the releases here.

To find out how you can upgrade this app via the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager, please visit this page.

Kind regards,

<Your name>

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