How SAFeĀ® flow accelerators help agile teams

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User Story Maps - Public Roadmap

As a company, we have the desire to help make agile easy for as many teams as possible around the world, so that they can do their most effective work in the office, while having time outside of the office for their friends, family and communities.

We believe being transparent about our product vision with the people who use our products (you!) is key to driving that company vision and our joint success. It seems crazy as a customer-centric company that we wouldn't bring our customers on the journey of building out our Roadmap together. It is you after-all who drive our product roadmaps and push us to continually improve our solutions. You've invested in us, and we want our roadmap to show our commitment and investment in your prolonged success.

We're excited to present you with an overview of what we're currently working on, what's up next and the things we're thinking about for the future.

We encourage your votes and feedback on all aspects of our Roadmap so that we can ensure we're delivering you with the best possible solutions. Bonus points for exercising your radical candour.

New Roadmap coming soon!