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EA Programs

Easy Agile Programs

Make scaled cross-team planning and execution easy, with a complete PI Planning solution seamlessly integrated with Jira. Deliver value together during PI Planning in Jira.

  • Manage Dependencies
  • Pre PI Planning
  • PI Planning event

How Programs helped PNI Media

“We had four weeks to find a way, we needed a solution we could quickly deploy, was easy to train people on, and was easy to set up. At the bare minimum, it had to replace the program boards that teams would stand in front of to do their planning.”

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Some more helpful resources

Collaboration redefined: 8 Strategies to Propel PI Planning

with examples for the information technology industry


Podcast: The Role of the Release Train Engineer

Dive into the role of the Release Train Engineer with Scaled Agile as they share tips and tricks, FLOW activities, lessons learned and how to get started in the role.


Watch Easy Agile Programs Product Tour

Learn how Easy Agile Programs supports:

  • PI Planning ceremony and outputs / scaled team planning
  • Managing and addressing dependencies and conflicts to align teams
  • How to use Easy Agile Programs to understand and update on work in progress

Why Easy Agile?

Easy Agile helps teams be agile. Our powerful but simple native apps for Jira help teams maintain alignment and momentum so they can deliver value to customers. Trusted by more than 160,000 users from leading companies worldwide.

Our Jira Plug-ins:

  • Enhance your ability to visualize work that already exists in Jira.
  • Improve collaboration for remote and hybrid teams.
  • Deliver an intuitive and simple UX, with no feature bloat
  • Quick set-up, helping you find value quickly
  • Increase agile adoption through best practice

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