Sustainability, Community and Inclusion at Easy Agile

We are committed to understanding our impact as a company as we implement regenerative actions towards creating a more sustainable future.
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Easy Agile FY21

Sustainability, Community & Inclusion Report


2021 has been a big year for us at Easy Agile. Not only have we seen significant growth within our team and partnerships, but we also committed focus on our people, our community, and our impact. It’s been a year of exploration and learning; one that has opened our eyes to bigger possibilities.

The current climate has changed us all. It has guided us towards better practices and conscious thought in how we live and work. It hasn’t been a year about survival, more a year of establishment, acceptance, and flexibility.

A large part of this conscious thought process was to establish a defining baseline that we could start from in order to better ourselves as a business, and serve our people - our team, customers, partners, community - and to commit to making the world a better place one step at a time.

Our 2021 Sustainability, Community, and Inclusion Report is the culmination of our focus and we are proud of the strong foundation we’ve now set for creating a better world, workplace, and community.

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We consider ourselves a conscious enterprise. We are conscious and curious about how our business impacts those around us. Our aim was to dissect our practices and establish our footprint in order to improve and make meaningful contributions in the effort to protect our planet.

By establishing our footprint, we have been able to critically assess ourselves and take action to make a difference.

Sustainability at Easy Agile


We know that it takes a village. And we know the importance of embracing a village that supports one another in reaching our goals. Our community here in the Illawarra is fundamental to our being, and we believe that we play an important role in supporting and building the community around us through employing locally, supporting local business, corporate sponsorships, and giving back.

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Part of building a sustainable agile business is building diversity, equity and inclusion into the systems, structures, programs, products and ways of work at Easy Agile.

We believe in the talent, uniqueness and power of every individual, and our differences should be celebrated at every intersection, and we believe these differences are strengths that will propel us forward into a more inclusive, equitable world.

International Womens Day

Acknowledgment of Country

Our office is located on the traditional lands of the Wodi Wodi people. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded and pay our respects to elders past, present and future.

Easy Agile FY21

Sustainability, Community & Inclusion Report