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Story Mapping, Retrospectives, PI Planning and Roadmaps inside Jira. Trusted by more than 160,000 users from leading companies worldwide.

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Help your teams achieve alignment and continuous improvement.

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Easy Agile

Work better as a team to plan and deliver products that your customers love, with our intuitive, agile solution in Jira.

Supporting your team with:
  • Backlog Refinement and Sprint Planning
  • User Story Mapping
  • Team Retrospectives
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Cloud Fortified

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Easy Agile

Easily scale planning and collaboration across teams and timezones with a highly visual 'team of teams' tool that seamlessly integrates with Jira.

Set your team up for:
  • PI Planning
  • ART Syncs
  • Scrum of Scrums

Enhance your Jira experience

Apps that enable your team to align around the product vision with a customer centric approach.

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Easy Agile

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Easy Agile

Features & Pricing

Trusted by 150K users worldwide

  • Agile workflow

  • Agile workflow

  • Agile workflow


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