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Easy Agile Podcast
Ep.23 How to navigate your cloud migration journey

We are discussing the value of migrating to the cloud, and the future opportunities that follow.

Easy Agile Podcast
Ep.22 The Scaled Agile Framework: Challenges and Opportunities

We are discussing the value of the Scaled Agile Framework, who it’s for & who would benefit

Easy Agile Podcast
Ep.21 LIVE from Agile2022!

Check out this bonus episode of the Easy Agile #Podcast straight out of Nashville

Easy Agile Podcast
Ep.20 The importance of the Team Retrospective

Caitlin shares how the team retrospective helped her cross-functional team become high-performing

Easy Agile Podcast
Ep.19 Combining Ikigai and OKRs to help agile teams achieve great results

Leandro shares his experience around the benefits of Ikigai

Easy Agile Podcast Ep 18
Ep 18. Top qualities of an agile leader and team

Alana highlights the significance of building trust with your team & disclosing your own vulnerabilities.

Easy Agile Podcast Ep 17
Ep 17. Defining a product manager: The idea of a shared brain

Jerome is joined by Sherif Mansour from Atlassian. They explore the idea of a shared brain, and why we all need product engineers in our teams.

Easy Agile Podcast Ep 16
Ep 16. Enabling high performing agile teams with Adaptavist

Angad is speaking with Riz and William from Adaptavist. “It’s about building trust, those interactions help to build and maintain team alignment".

Easy Agile Podcast Ep 15
Ep 15. Business and Sustainability with TietoEVRY

Rebecca and Caitlin are talking with Ida and Ulrika from TietoEVRY, about the role of business' in supporting sustainability initiatives.

Rocking the Docs with K15t
Ep 14. Rocking the Docs with K15t

Henri & Matt are talking all things technical documentation (we promise this episode is way more interesting than it sounds! 😉)

Ep 14. Reimagining Agile with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Ep 13. Rethinking Agile ways of working with DEI at the core

Terlya & Caitlin are joined by Jazmin Chamizo & Rakesh Singh, talking about the intersection of agile and diversity, equity & inclusion.

Ep 12 Easy Agile Podcast
Ep 12. The Easy Agile Podcast - Observations on Observability

Join developers Angad, Jared, Jess and Jordan for this round table style chat on all things observability - the latest buzzword in tech!

Dave Elkan and Nick Muldoon
Ep 11. Dave Elkan & Nick Muldoon, on building Easy Agile

Nick and Dave talk growing a start-up in regional Australia, finding the right people and the importance of having values driven teams.

Easy Agile Podcast Ep 10 Kate Brodie
Ep 10. Kate Brodie, Director of Digital AI and CCAI Program at Optus

Kate shares her experience of an agile transformation at Optus and the incredible impact it has had on the company.

Kit Friend - Accenture
Ep 9. Kit Friend - Agile Coach & Atlassian Partnership Lead EMEA, Accenture

Kit talks to agile methodology beyond the usual use case, like working with geologists & restaurant owners to apply scrum! 🧑‍🍳

Gerald Cadden
Ep 8. Gerald Cadden, Strategic Advisor & SAFe Trainer at Scaled Agile, Inc.

Gerald shares that companies often face the same challenges when it comes to implementing agile, but the real challenge is overcoming a fixed mindset

Sarah Hajipour
Ep 7. Sarah Hajipour, Agile Coach

Sarah talks about goal setting, the agile mindset beyond IT & development teams, and the future of women in agile.

Chris Stone
Ep 6. Chris Stone, The Virtual Agile Coach

Chris highlights the importance of self reflection, de-stigmatising failure, looking after your own mental health and why work shouldn't be stale 🙌

Andrew Malak
Ep 5. Andrew Malak, Chief Product Officer at Spaceship

Andrew shares his thoughts on the evolution of agile, remaining open-minded and tips on how to achieve a culture of accountability

Em Campbell-Pretty
Ep 4. Em Campbell-Pretty, CEO & Managing Director at Pretty Agile

Em discusses scaling agile, traits of effective leaders, how to trust your people and being a SAFe fellow

Melissa Reeve
Ep 3. Melissa Reeve, VP Marketing at Scaled Agile

Melissa discusses what it means to be customer focused and how agile is rolling out to non-technical teams like Marketing, Finance and HR

John Turley
Ep 2. John Turley, Digital Transformation Consultant, Adaptavist

Giving and receiving feedback, how psychology research can be applied to teams & what cross functional teams look like

Dominic Price
Ep 1. Dominic Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian

Dom shares his perspective on what makes a great team, how to build an authentic culture and prioritising the things that matter.