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Work better as a team to plan and deliver products that your customers value, with our intuitive, agile solution in Jira.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm’s highly-visual story map format transforms the flat Jira backlog into a meaningful picture of work. This makes backlog refinement, sprint or version planning, and user story mapping much easier.

We appreciate the value of shared learning, so we’ve included team retrospectives for scrum and kanban boards, right alongside your work in Jira. So you're always getting better at what you do, and delivering the software your customers value most.

Make agile easier with Easy Agile TeamRhythm.

Try it for yourself in the Easy Agile TeamRhythm Sandbox Demo. No installation required.

You can easily:

  • Transform your flat product backlog into a more impactful, visual representation of work in Jira
  • Create, manage, estimate, and sequence user stores in context using the story map
  • Use story mapping to prioritize work by the value it offers your customers
  • Share context across remote and co-located teams when using the customer-centric story map to understand and prioritize tasks
  • Collaborate in regular team retrospectives, to gain a shared understanding, so you and your team are always getting better at what you do
Try for FREE today!
You'll need to be a Jira admin to activate your free trial.

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Free forever for up to 10 users. Additional users from only USD $0.42 month.
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See work clearly

The user-friendly story map format transforms the flat Jira backlog into a meaningful picture of work, supporting user story mapping, backlog refinement, and sprint or version planning with tight Jira integration; no syncing or transcribing required.

Build collaboration

Celebrate team success, gain insights, and share learnings with team retrospective boards for scrum and kanban, encouraging collaboration and transparency, so you and your team are continuously improving.

Gain customer focus

Deliver products that customers love to use when you prioritize work by customer value with user story mapping. Bring your customer right into Jira to empathize and better understand what they need from your software.

Here's what our customers say about us

  • I am impressed with this very useful tool, that helps me and the team to work together very efficiently. Visualizing all of our stories from our different projects in one place has helped us track and plan our sprints well.
    Elizabeth Jacob

    Elizabeth Jacob

    World Vision Canada

  • The Jira integration was great in terms of getting the team to buy-in to this tool because they were already comfortable with Jira. Here is this nice user-interface where they can just click, and drag, and reorder until they have the picture that they want.
    David Brickley

    David Brickley


  • We've been using Story Map functionality to help with communication to our stakeholders and senior leaders since it provides a very clear way to show how we're delivering value iteratively over multiple sprints.
    Taylor Sharpe

    Taylor Sharpe

    o2e Brands

  • It’s made it a lot easier for our business customers to quickly understand where we are at and where we are going.
    Erica Garcia

    Erica Garcia

    Welk Resort Group

  • We’ve improved our communication and team alignment, which has helped give us faster results.
    Casey Flynn

    Casey Flynn


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