We look for people who are powered by passion and eager to do some excellent work in service of our customers' success. We look for people who are comfortable with speaking their mind and bringing their whole self to work.

COVID-19 and Our Response

Off the back of our best year yet we are in a strong and stable position to continue investing in and growing our team. Take a look at roles we're hiring for below. With COVID Safe measures in place, we’ve resumed our in-person interviews and have re-opened our office for our team members (we favour a co-located team).

Considering Relocating to Wollongong? We can provide relocation assistance in addition to our other fantastic perks.


To support you at work and play, here are the fantastic benefits and perks you’ll enjoy at Easy Agile:

  • Ample time off to relax and recharge
  • Flexible working options (because we value outcomes over output)
  • Four paid volunteer days a year to dedicate to your favourite cause
  • An annual learning allowance of $5,000 to help you up-level your skills
  • Regular experimentation weeks to explore new ideas
  • 2% in additional superannuation contributions per annum
  • Company-funded parental leave per our Policy
  • Summer sessions where you get half days off on Fridays to enjoy the amazing weather as you please

What we do

We craft solutions to make every agile team more effective. Our solutions are delivered via the Atlassian Marketplace as apps for Atlassian Jira. Our founders, both of whom are Atlassian Alumni, chose to focus on agile teams as they are passionate about seeing agile teams constantly improve.

How we work

We are a team that strives to punch above our weight. Having enough energy at the end of the day is key to enjoying life. Whether it's being a good parent, partner or teammate, we believe in maintaining balance in everything we do. When life throws you a curve ball, or you're up late with kids that won't sleep, we encourage each other to take the time to find our balance before moving on to the next thing. Life is a journey to be enjoyed, not a sprint to the end.

We start the day with a coffee together at Beast. At lunch time, we may play Nintendo or Bananagrams. To support the local tech community we started Siligong Valley. And we also Pledge 1% (time, profit, product). Finally, it's not unusual for our kids to visit the office and draw on the whiteboard. We love coming to work each day.