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Ep 9. Kit Friend - Agile Coach & Atlassian Partnership Lead EMEA, Accenture

Kit talks to agile methodology beyond the usual use case, like working with geologists & restaurant owners to apply scrum! 🧑‍🍳

Ep 8. Gerald Cadden, Gerald Cadden, Strategic Advisor and SAFe Program Consultant Trainer at Scaled Agile, Inc.

Gerald Gerald shares that companies often face the same challenges over & over again when it comes to implementing agile, but the real challenge and most crucial is overcoming a fixed mindset.

Ep 7. Sarah Hajipour, Agile Coach

Sarah talks about goal setting, the agile mindset beyond IT & development teams, and in celebration of international women’s day talk about the future of women in agile, and supporting one another towards an inclusive & enabling environment.

Ep 6. Chris Stone, The Virtual Agile Coach

Chris highlights the importance of self reflection, de-stigmatising failure, looking after your own mental health and why work shouldn't be stale 🙌

Ep 5. Andrew Malak, Chief Product Officer at Spaceship

Andrew shares his thoughts on the evolution of agile, remaining open-minded to our own limitations and tips on how to achieve a culture of accountability 👏

Ep 4. Em Campbell-Pretty, CEO & Managing Director at Pretty Agile

Em discusses scaling agile, traits of effective leaders, how to trust your people and being a SAFe fellow

Ep 3. Melissa Reeve, VP Marketing at Scaled Agile

Melissa discusses what it means to be customer focused and how agile is rolling out to non-technical teams like Marketing, Finance and HR

Ep 2. John Turley, Digital Transformation Consultant, Adaptavist

John shared a lot on giving and receiving feedback, how psychology research can be applied to teams, what cross-functional teams really look like, psychological complexity & the keys to growth and finding meaning outside of our expertise

Ep 1. Dominic Price, Work Futurist at Atlassian

Dom shares his perspective on what makes a great team, how to build an authentic culture and prioritising the things that matter.