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A customer centric approach to backlog refinement.

Easy Agile Personas enables product managers and agile teams to capture their customer archetypes alongside their project and agile board in Jira. Product Managers can identify which persona is related to a given user story, and the value the persona places on that user story.

Easy Agile Personas provides a holistic view into the customer by providing:

  • a way to capture personas alongside an agile teams backlog
  • a persona custom field which links a user story to the persona, and
  • a visualisation of the importance of all user stories for a given persona

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Find Easy Agile on the Atlassian Marketplace

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Communicate customer personas

Ensure the agile team and internal stakeholders are aligned around customer archetypes and desired functionality by capturing personas alongside the team agile board.

Understand customer desires

Have a well groomed backlog by detailing the level of importance and persona on each user story.

Order the backlog by customer value

Order the backlog by the level of importance a persona places on a given user story, so the team focuses their attention on delivering the most valuable functionality first.

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