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The simplest and most flexible roadmapping tool for Jira

Easy Agile Roadmaps enables teams to align around the vision for a product and how they'll sequence features for delivery to customers.

Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira enables Product Managers to quickly:

  • build a visual roadmap timeline of your Jira issues
  • split scheduled work into swimlanes (high-level 'themes' of work or teams)
  • add date markers to the roadmap to show events/milestones
  • filter the view of the roadmap using Quick Filters
  • simple drag and drop to schedule issues onto the roadmap timeline
  • track progress towards epic completion
  • export the Roadmap to PDF for flexibility in how you share updates with stakeholders
  • edit version details without leaving the roadmap

Works with Scrum and Kanban Jira Software boards.

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  • Free 30 day trial
  • Free forever for up to 10 users on Cloud
  • Cloud and Data Center pricing scaled to suit your Jira users
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Roadmap Timeline

Drag and drop any Jira issue type from the issues panel onto the timeline to show when the team will begin/end work on that issue

Theme/Team Swimlanes

Theme swimlanes allow Product Manager's and their teams to group issues into high-level streams of work, that represent customer outcomes, or teams

Fix Version & Date Markers

Visualise fix versions, marketing events and milestones on the roadmap to align business and engineering teams around where the product is heading

Here's what our customers say about us

  • Easy Agile has made it so much easier to manage projects and track them. It’s helped us stick to deadlines and finalise projects in good time.
    Jennifer Rees

    Jennifer Rees

    Shop Direct

  • Easy Agile apps are intuitive and easy to use. The features perfectly complement the Jira experience and provide our teams with easy ways to organize and scale work.
    Christopher Heritage

    Christopher Heritage

    NextEra Energy

  • These tools help teams and product owners visualise with stakeholders how we'll tackle the delivery of value, and how we'll break down large stories into smaller pieces of value we can deliver quickly and iteratively. They help link back to the bigger picture.
    Laurie Calverley

    Laurie Calverley

    Cancer Research UK

  • Agile - simplified. It allows the team to focus on delivering value whilst the nightmare of admin takes care of itself in a few easy steps.
    Vicky-Lee Pereira

    Vicky-Lee Pereira

    Sunlife Insurance

  • You get smart, sexy and colourful displays of workstreams: for us, that was hugely impactful when dealing with an industry that had never seen this type of professional delivery.
    Andrew Ross

    Andrew Ross

    Bluey Merino

  • Easy Agile Roadmaps allows more visibility on our projects, and therefore, better communication with our customers.
    Sébastien Cerdelli

    Sébastien Cerdelli

    Natives Sàré

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