Easy Agile User Story Maps

for Jira


Build simple and collaborative story maps in Jira, and focus development on providing value to your customers fast and often

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Smooth Sprint and Version Planning

Visualise what the team will deliver and when by arranging stories into sprint or version swimlanes. View sprint/version statistics at a glance, ensuring capacity is filled, but over commitment is prevented.

Simple Story Mapping

Map out your customer journey alongside your agile boards in Jira. Quickly and easily add new or existing stories inside the story map. Drag and drop them to prioritise by value to the customer.

Easy Backlog Refinement

Drag items directly from your backlog onto your Story Map. Inline edit story summaries and story point estimates to ensure your backlog is updated, resulting in improved backlog quality.

The highest rated story mapping app for Jira. Trusted by over 120,000 users at companies including Amazon, Twitter, Adobe, Dell, Oracle, AT&T, Cisco, JP Morgan, Starbucks, Rolex and Daimler.

Easy Agile User Story Maps transforms your flat product backlog into a more impactful, visual representation of the journey a customer takes with your product.

The result is a customer-centric Story Map that enables teams to gain a shared understanding of and prioritize the work that will deliver the most value to the customer.

Quickly and easily:

  • create new or add existing epics and stories inside the story map
  • map out core user activities as epics
  • break down those epics with stories
  • order stories by priority and sequence work into sprints or versions with intuitive drag and drop
  • edit story summaries and estimates with inline edit

Demo Video:

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Free trial 30 days
Available on the Atlassian Marketplace