Security is built into the fabric of Jira and our apps are blanketed by this safeguard


Easy Agile is a Platinum Atlassian Marketplace Partner and meets and exceeds the inherent security requirements of this partnership. Security is built into the fabric of Jira and our apps are blanketed by this safeguard, so you can rest assured your data is secure.

Easy Agile Operations & Best Practice

Our team is dedicated to approaching security holistically based on industry best practices. Our security work is underpinned by Atlassians security frameworks and systems, giving you and your crew the peace of mind you need when using our apps.

At Easy Agile, Server and DC customer data is stored on your Jira instance and very limited, anonymised data is stored for our Cloud customers. All Easy Agile transactions take place on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Bug bounty

Bug Bounty

Threats are identified through the Atlassian Marketplace Security Bug Bounty program, which continuously improves the security of Marketplace apps by leveraging crowdsourced vulnerability discovery methods.

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Atlassian’s Ecoscanner

Atlassian’s Ecoscanner platform performs security checks across all our Cloud apps on an ongoing basis, monitoring the apps for common security vulnerabilities to ensure the security of the Atlassian ecosystem.

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Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Vulnerability Disclosure Program

The Atlassian Vulnerability Disclosure Program gives customers or security researchers the opportunity to report cloud app vulnerabilities.

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Cloud App security

Cloud App Security

We meet Atlassian Cloud app security requirements, like the use of TLS to encrypt traffic, the disablement of caching on all HTTPS pages that contain sensitive data, and the authentication and authorisation of all requests.

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Bug Fix Policy

Bug Fix Policy

Ensuring the security of our apps is vital to our work here at Easy Agile. As outlined by Atlassian, we adhere to security bug fix SLAs and follow the Atlassian Security Bug Fix Policy.

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Easy Agile is Cloud Fortified

Cloud Fortified

The Atlassian ecosystem keeps growing, and today there are over 5,300 apps and more than 1,600 partners, with customers installing so many products that meet a multitude of needs.

The Cloud Fortified program and badge makes it simple for customers to identify enterprise-ready cloud apps with additional security, reliability, and support.

We are proud to say all Easy Agile products are now Cloud Fortified.

We take the security of our apps and your information seriously. Our best practice initiatives also include:

  • Our development process includes vulnerability analysis, peer-review, and secure developer workflows. We also utilise the Github security audit tools to flag security vulnerabilities in third-party packages.
  • Easy Agile's release process captures industry standard best practice, utilising restricted branch management and automated release pipelines.
  • Each year, Easy Agile completes a security assessment that Atlassian reviews and approves. We are currently working towards our Cloud Fortified certification and look forward to sharing this with our customers in the coming months.

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We are committed to the security of your data and how it is stored.

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Our Security Partners

Security Partners