My 1st Year @ Easy Agila

Published 01 Apr 2020
by Brad Woods, Developer


A lot happened during my 1st year so I thought it best to make a list:

- Before day 1 I was offered a ticket to Atlassian Summit in Vegas (but had to turn it down due to a mate’s wedding).

- Attended Advance Easy Agile 2019. A 3 day retreat where the whole team formulated a plan for the company for the coming 12 months.

- Used part of my Learning & Development budget to undertake an illustration course.

- Began a regular correspondence with Gui from Folk design consultancy who gives amazing feedback on my design work.

- Attended Agile Alliance's Agile 2019 conference in Washington for a deep dive into Agile & met with partners & customers.

- Attended Atlassian Open in Vienna & presented at Atlas Camp 2019.

- Travelled through Europe, stopping at Munich, Zurich & Hamberg. Meeting with partners and customers.

- Attended Web Directions Summit in Sydney for a deep-dive on the current state of web development and design.

- Became a co-MC of the local JavaScript meetup, siligong.JS.

- Presented at siligong.JS on the concept LX

- Spent a week in Sydney doing a SAFe accreditation course.

- Presented at SydJS.

- Attended Advance Easy Agile 2020, another 3 day retreat where the team did a deep dive on communication & the direction of the company.

- Attended React Conf Sydney for a deep dive on the current state of front-end development and design systems.

- Started mentoring.

- Asked to write an article on XState for LogRocket.

- Accepted to present at Web Directions Code in June.

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