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Support your team from planning through to release and retrospective, and deliver products that your customers value, with our intuitive, agile solution in Jira.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm’s highly-visual story map format transforms the flat Jira backlog into a meaningful picture of work. This makes sprint or version planning, backlog refinement, and user story mapping much easier.

We’ve included team retrospectives for scrum and kanban boards right alongside your work in Jira. You can turn your retrospective insights into Jira issues right from the board, so you're always getting better at what you do, and delivering the features your customers value most.

You can easily:

  • Transform your flat product backlog into a more impactful, visual representation of work in Jira
  • Create, manage, estimate, and sequence user stores in context using the story map
  • Use story mapping to prioritize work by the value it offers your customers
  • Share context across remote and co-located teams when using the customer-centric story map to understand and prioritize tasks
  • Collaborate in regular team retrospectives to gain a shared understanding, so you and your team are always getting better at what you do

Make your next release better than the last with Easy Agile TeamRhythm.

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  • Free 30 day trial
  • Free forever for up to 10 users on Cloud
  • Cloud and Data Center pricing scaled to suit your Jira users
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Plan And Deliver Better

The story map format provides visual context for sprint and version planning, backlog refinement, and user story mapping with tight Jira integration, transforming the flat Jira backlog into a meaningful picture of work.

Gain Alignment with Team Retrospectives

Make team retrospective boards your hub for collating ideas for improvement, where action items are made into Jira issues that actually get applied, to make the next release better than the last.

Deliver Value to Your Customers

Deliver products that customers love to use when you prioritize work by customer value with user story mapping. Bring your customers right into Jira to empathize and better understand what they need from your software.

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