License Agreement

Unless otherwise noted, all Easy Agile products are covered by the Easy Agile End User License Agreement. The license agreement should be read in conjunction with the Easy Agile Privacy Policy and Easy Agile Security Practices.

Additional Information

Atlassian handles all Easy Agile licensing and billing. You can find licenses, quotes, invoices and billing details on your My Atlassian account.

Licenses are installed after the app is installed using the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

If your evaluation license is going to expire before the purchasing process is complete go to the Marketplace entry for the add-on and press Free 30 Day Trial to get another evaluation license. You can then install the new evaluation license on your instance via Manage Add-ons in Jira.

Community/Open Source Software (OSS) licenses for apps are available free by emailing and requesting a Community/OSS license.

If you have any other licensing questions please contact Atlassian via email at

Still looking for more info? Read our End User License Agreement