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Our apps plug into Atlassian Jira and enable teams across the world to easily enact agile best practices. We are trusted by more than 160,000 users from leading companies worldwide. Login to our Easy Agile Partner Portal to and access our Enablement Material, including sandbox demonstration environment and product use cases.

Easy Agile | K15t: Reaching a shared audience

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"I love the way Easy Agile communicate in a very open way. I always feel like it’s my team too when we are working together. They have a lot of knowledge with a focus on Atlassian Jira. When my team and I work with them, it’s all well thought through and consistenly develop high quality apps with great support." Michaela Mayer, K15t

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Deliver value to your customers faster and more often by planning and prioritising your work on the story map right in Jira. Set your team up for:

  • Sprint and Version Planning
  • Agile Story Mapping
  • Product Backlog Refinement

Easy Agile Programs

Complete PI Planning solution for Jira. Ideal for distributed or collocated PI Planning. Scale and maintain team and ART alignment.

Set your team up for:

  • PI Planning
  • ART Syncs
  • Scrum of Scrums

Easy Agile Roadmaps

This is the most intuitive, simple and flexible roadmapping tool for Jira.

Set your team up for:

  • Product vision alignment
  • Continuous value delivery
  • Smooth, collaborative planning

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Boost your marketing success

We want to introduce our Partner's brand and services to our Easy Agile global community of 150,000 users. We have a range of co-marketing opportunities to work on together, including:

  • Easy Agile Podcast
  • Partner Webinars
  • Co-created blog posts
  • Customer & Partner Case Studies & Use Cases
  • Meet the Easy Agile Partner Blog
  • Have us participate and sponsor your event!
  • Social media post
  • Translate and post our blogs

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    The Ultimate Guide to PI Planning [2023 SAFe Edition]

    Everything you need to know about PI Planning for agile and SAFe organizations. Get the PI Planning who, what, when, where, why, and how of events so you can confidently participate in PI Planning or even run your own PI Planning event.

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    Agile Ceremonies: Your Ultimate Guide To the Four Stages

    Agile ceremonies are a framework for productive teamwork in product development. To do them well, you need to understand the methodology behind each step.

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