Easy Agile Programs

for Jira


The complete PI Planning solution for Jira. Ideal for distributed, remote or face-to-face Program Increment Planning

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Alignment at Scale

The Program Roadmap ensures all teams are aligned on the committed Features for a Program Increment. Team swimlanes, dependencies and milestones help organise teams for PI Planning.

Visualise Dependencies

Red, Amber and Green dependency lines highlight where the Program Manager/Release Train Engineer should focus.

Focused Team Planning

Teams have a focused view on Features/Epics assigned to them and linked issues across sprints.

Remote or distributed teams can effectively manage programs with streamlined visibility to deliver alignment at scale.

Key features:

  • Improved program visibility with team swimlanes across the Program Roadmap and Increment Overview
  • Track ‘Shared Team Features’ in a dedicated swimlane
  • Improve team planning by focusing on Features/Epics scheduled specifically to your team
  • Easily schedule Features/Epics using quick filters on the Increment Roadmap
  • Compatible with Next-Gen boards in Cloud.

Demo Video:

Easy Agile Programs with Teagan Harbridge:

Tools and tips for easy PI Planning:

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Free trial 30 days
Available on the Atlassian Marketplace