Easy Agile Programs for Azure DevOps Boards

Align teams to deliver value at scale with the complete PI Planning solution for Azure DevOps Boards. Available now in private beta.

Easy Agile Programs is a single source of truth that empowers agile teams to plan and deliver value transparently, effectively, and together.

Take the complexity out of scaled planning and collaboration with a highly visual ‘team of teams’ tool seamlessly integrated with your Azure DevOps boards.

  • Quick set up, intuitive and easy to use, means more time to focus on delivering value to customers rather than training on the tool.
  • Easily unblock teams during execution with highly visual dependencies and scheduling conflicts.
  • Scale and maintain alignment between teams and business outcomes with a single source of truth for committed work, milestones and dependencies.
  • Confident SAFe® PI Planning with a complete Program Board and dedicated team planning boards from a Scaled Agile® Platform Partner.
  • Focussed and effective syncs throughout execution, with the ability to apply one or more filters to a Program Board that is always up to date.

Make cross-team planning easy and deliver value at scale with Easy Agile Programs.

Easy PI Planning with a Program Board in Azure DevOps Boards

Visualize committed features, dependencies, and milestones across teams. Quick to set up and simple to use. Build a Program Board using native Azure work items for effective planning and aligned delivery.

Align and unblock teams at scale

Easily identify if teams are blocked, at risk or on track. Filter by feature, initiative, dependency health, issue status or team, for focused syncs and progress updates. Smoothly reschedule work to manage conflicts.

Empower teams to deliver value

A dedicated planning board for each team to schedule, create and estimate native Azure work items for committed features. Teams can easily create cross-team dependencies to collaborate on shared outcomes.

Effortlessly scale planning and collaboration across teams and timezones with streamlined visibility.

Key features:

  • Highly visual, highly filterable program board that improves team planning by focusing on Features/Epics scheduled specifically to your team.
  • Quick create, estimate and schedule native azure work items.
  • Easily schedule Features/Epics by dragging and dropping them on the Increment Roadmap
  • Velocity planning from the team planning board.
  • Scrum, Agile and Basic processes are all supported.