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Scaled Agile, Inc. is the provider of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), a series of guidelines and practices designed to help bring agility into larger organizations, across all teams and levels of the business.

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Easy Agile is a Scaled Agile Platform Partner, and we have many Certified SAFe® Program Consultants (SPC) on the team.

If you’re adopting SAFe for the first time, chances are, it’ll start with PI Planning. That’s because it forms the foundation of the Scaled Agile Framework.

These Easy Agile Apps can help you with your Scaling Agile and PI Planning journey in Jira:

Guides and articles

Videos about PI Planning:

Top 5 tips for Easy Agile Programs:

PI Planning Tips with Easy Agile Programs for Jira

Webinar Replays:

Demo - Easy Agile Programs with Teagan Harbridge:

Tools and tips for easy PI Planning:

How to run an effective Sprint Planning session with Easy Agile User Story Maps:

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