Story Mapping

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User story mapping is a customer focused view of your agile team's priorities.

It's a useful agile session to organize and prioritize your user stories so that you can schedule your work and design your releases.

story mapping

A user story map is the artefact or visual board you produce as a result of a user story mapping session.

Your teams will refer to this map throughout each sprint to make sure they’re on schedule, coordinate dependencies, and keep sight of the big picture.

These Easy Agile Apps can help you with Story Mapping in Jira:

Guides and articles

Videos about Story Mapping:

How to use your User Story Map for Sprint Planning:

Why User Story Mapping?

Setting up your User Story Map in Jira

Make User Story Mapping Successful with your Teams

Webinar Replays:

Essentials of User Story Mapping with Easy Agile Co-CEO, Nick Muldoon:

How to run an effective Sprint Planning session with Easy Agile User Story Maps:

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