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A day in the life of Jamie

Thu Oct 22 2020
Jamie Bousfield
Written by Jamie Bousfield, Engineer

It's a Monday morning and I’ve just pulled into the Kiama train station carpark.

It’s a short commute to the Wollongong CBD, where I am greeted by the team as I enter the office.


We start the day with a morning huddle in which each of us shares something good that’s happened during the last 24 hours, what we’re going to be working on that day and whether we’ve come up against any blockers.


The entire team then takes a walk down to local cafe, Beast, and get a coffee together. It’s a wonderful way to start the day, with a group of inspiring people.


For me, customer support is up next and I am super keen to get into helping our customers on their day’s journey with our product. My past experience in customer support has shown me just how much customers appreciate timely and helpful responses. It can really change a person’s day.

When customers have been responded to, I continue with my daily work using Easy Agile tools. I can say for sure this does make managing and working through sprints much easier.

I’ve got great team mates; if I want to discuss something, get some feedback or pair up, my colleague Matt is always there to help. Here he is:


He is genuinely an advocate for software craftsmanship and I'm totally onboard with this approach.

Around noon, we all stop for lunch. Some of us will get takeaway from the local mall, and others will bring something from home, but generally we all sit together and enjoy each other's company. On Fridays the street market draws the attention of most of us. There will usually be a session on the Switch - Mario Kart or Smash Bros the most popular choices.

It’s back into things after lunch and I have a check-in with Dave to see how things are going. We discuss my journey so far and what my ideas are for our upcoming inception week.

It's great to be able to sit down and talk about how we can make our systems better and improve the day-to-day work for our team.

There’s a few more things to get done and then it’s time to head to the station for the commute home. Matt and I chat about software architecture and almost miss the train.

When I look back over the last couple of weeks at Easy Agile, what stands out is the culture and the values of the team.


The commitment to integrity, honestly, inclusion and work philosophy is truly inspiring and uplifting. Never in my experience have I started a work day where everyone shares something positive. it really sets the tone for the following hours.

Easy Agile is an amazing company, especially when I compare it with my experiences over the last 20 years in manufacturing, customer support and software development. The team at Easy Agile practically demonstrate a holistic approach to both work and life which is equally refreshing and encouraging.

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