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*NEW* Feature 🚀 Better focus with new filters

Mon Nov 09 2020
Jasmin Iordanidis
Written by Jasmin Iordanidis, Product Marketing Manager

Feel like your Story Map has 'too many tabs' open?

With the latest release of Easy Agile User Story Maps we have improved the filtering experience in two key ways:

1. Gain greater control of the Epics and Issues you care about via our new filters drawer:

Panel with Epics and Issues drawer open

PS the new drawer means you can enable filters and still interact with the Story Map.

2. Improve focus by filtering by Components and Assignees!

Gif of being able to filter by components and assignees

We know Components are used by our customers to represent different parts of your business or processes like specific teams, product subsets, customer behaviour and activities. We wanted you to be able to focus on what you care about using native Jira components where possible.

So how does this help me?

👋 Say goodbye to creating extra quick filters

We know filters help you zone in on what you care about. Now you can create components to achieve that without the need to make custom quick filters.

🔎 Reduce visual noise

A User Story Map is a comprehensive and holistic view of the customer journey, but we know that too much detail can be a barrier to efficient sprint or version planning. You can now streamline your Story Map for a focused view and discussion.

🎯 Focus on the work that matters

Teams can now quickly and easily filter the Story Map on the work that matters to them to understand their capacity and priority for the upcoming sprint or version.

The result?

In short, more effective and efficient planning sessions and sprint executions. Improved filtering means your Story Map can be a useful tool for everybody in the team throughout planning and execution, so you get more use and value out of your Easy Agile User Story Map.

Teagan Harbridge, Head of Product here at Easy Agile walks you through the new features:

Want to start using these new features?

☁️ Cloud customer?

These features are already available to you on your Story Map!

🏢 Data Center customer?

You'll need your Jira Admin to upgrade to the latest version:

Server customer?

Ping your Jira Admin as you'll need them to:

1. Ensure you have an active maintenance and support contract. Renew now.

2. Upgrade to the latest version:

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