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4 Easy Agile Jira Apps to Improve Your Jira Experience

Fri Jan 29 2021
Jasmin Iordanidis
Written by Jasmin Iordanidis, Product Marketing Manager

We believe there’s a better way for teams to work. That’s why we built a suite of powerful Jira apps. In this post, we’ll share more about Easy Agile Personas, Easy Agile TeamRhythm (formerly User Story Maps), Easy Agile Roadmaps, and Easy Agile Programs. We’ll go over how to use these tools as well as key features that will help your team.

A key principle of working in an agile way is flexibility. It throws away rigid plans and instead embraces an iterative process that evolves with the needs of the customer.

We believe in the power of agile, and we’re passionate about helping teams work better together. To us, that means working with simple tools that are flexible, collaborative, and customer-centric. That's why Easy Agile apps for Jira always keep the customer top of mind. Let's take a deeper look at the plugins that will improve the way your team works in Jira.

Product development with Atlassian Jira Software

Jira cloud solutions take a customer-first approach to designing products. And Atlassian products are commonly used by software development teams.

If you're on an agile team or looking to build your agile capability, a key foundational tool is Atlassian's Jira Software.

With Jira, you can:

  • Create Jira workflows to plan, track, and release customer-centric products
  • Choose between multiple frameworks, including Kanban, Scrum, or both
  • Manage backlogs with complete visibility
  • Use structured features designed specifically for sprint planning
  • Search for issues and Jira instances with JQL, Jira Query Language
  • Improve performance based on real-time data
  • Reduce physical dependencies by moving your agile solutions online

Easy Agile Apps for Jira

Jira is an amazing platform with tons of features agile teams can make good use of, but it may not offer the best solution to your specific use case. For specific solutions, such as integrated customer personas or a tool for PI Planning, you’ll need a Jira app from the Atlassian Marketplace, like the Easy Agile tools we’re about to cover.

Easy Agile Personas for Jira

Customer Personas help development teams zero in on a customer-centric approach. They dig deep to understand exactly what customers need and want so that software development teams can deliver on those desires.

Customer personas are vital to understanding how to bring consistent value to clients. They answer questions about customer pain points, behavioral patterns, goals, demographics, buying habits, and more. Effective personas really get to the heart of what makes customers tick so that every software development decision is based on the real people who use the product.

Easy Agile Personas for Jira is designed to produce customer-centric work. It helps teams empathize with customers so they can make development decisions based on what will provide the most value to users.

Our persona tool integrates directly with your current Jira projects. You can create and store customer personas for a smooth experience that prioritizes customer needs every step of the way.

Watch an on-demand demo to learn more. And did we mention our persona template is designed to work with Easy Agile TeamRhythm? You can add personas directly to your TeamRhythm user story map. Our agile plugins are designed to work better together.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Backlogs are full of potential, but when you have more than a few items on your list, a flat backlog can quickly become overwhelming. What do you start with first? What fits within the bigger picture? And what’s going to bring the most value to your clients?

Flat maps are bland, void of context, and they provide no insight into the customer journey. It’s like choosing an original Nintendo game when you have a VR headset available. Nice for nostalgia, but not for making stellar products.

Enter the TeamRhythm User Story Map.

Our co-founder, Nicolas Muldoon, describes user story mapping as “a facilitated, curated conversation that brings everyone along for the journey.”

User story mapping is an effective way of organizing and prioritizing your user stories for the purpose of scheduling your work and designing releases. It helps teams visualize the customer’s journey through the creation of your product from start to finish, and it includes all of the tasks to complete along the way.

A user story is a goal or outcome that the user or customer wants to achieve. It’s the smallest unit of work capable of delivering value back to the customer.

Here’s an example of how a user story is typically written: “As a [persona type], I want to [action] so that [benefit].”

It’s your user’s story, so it’s best written from their perspective. Each user story is then added to your backlog, where they can be arranged and prioritized on a user story map according to your scheduled release or sprint. Read our ultimate guide to user story maps to get started.

Easy Agile TeamRhythm is an add-on designed to help teams provide value to customers fast and frequently. Manage and breakdown epics inside the story map, plan core user activities, order stories by priority, edit story summaries, and more — all while integrating seamlessly with your agile boards in Jira.

It’s time to transform your flat product backlog into an impactful and visual representation of the customer journey. Follow our Easy Agile TeamRhythm to see what we’re currently working on and what functionality is coming up next.

Easy Agile Programs Jira plugin

Program Increment (PI) Planning involves intense, focused planning to determine what needs to happen when and how everything connects. It’s when product managers can review the backlog, communicate with stakeholders, and ultimately decide what next steps will bring the most value.

The problem is these planning sessions can get quite complicated, and it’s difficult to track everything on a physical Program Board. Online agile tools help teams consolidate information so they can see the big picture. They prevent lost information, misinformation, poor test management, double handling, and inaccessibility, all while maintaining the visual process of PI Planning.

Easy Agile Programs for Jira is the complete PI Planning solution for agile teams. It’s the most effective way to visualize programs within Jira. Keep all the parts you like from your physical Program Board while increasing automation and getting rid of overwhelming layers of sticky notes and connectors. Plus, with an online tool, you can work as a team remotely while doing PI Planning.

You can plan your Program Increment with digital cards with all the string you need for solving complex problems. Our app connects to Jira dashboards to help you seamlessly manage programs, configure priorities, and streamline visibility. With a Jira PI Planning app, you’ll gain better context, a streamlined workflow, increased collaboration, and improved transparency.

Watch our on-demand demo and follow our Easy Agile Programs roadmap for the latest product updates.

Easy Agile Roadmaps Jira plugin

Product roadmaps are an agile staple. They provide an iterative and collaborative process, so the software development team can continually provide value to customers and stakeholders.

Unlike static Gantt Charts or Excel Sheets, roadmaps are fluid and versatile. They are a living document that represents the team’s hopes at a specific time, based on the current needs of the customer. As needs and demands evolve, so does the roadmap.

Easy Agile Roadmaps for Jira help teams align around a product vision to sequence the most critical features for customer delivery. Our Roadmaps allow teams to add subtask themes, date markers, custom fields, split scheduled work, track progress, and export any roadmap to share with stakeholders.

It’s intuitive and simple to use for everyone on your team from product managers to developers to stakeholders. Easy Agile Roadmaps connect seamlessly with your Jira instance to plan Jira issues directly from the issues panel. It’s the simplest and most flexible roadmapping tool for Jira with one-click drag and drop functionality and a super-clean user experience.

You’ll love visualizing your process, and you’ll love how simple it is to get started. Learn how to create a Jira roadmap using Easy Agile Roadmaps or watch a demo for more information.

Try any Easy Agile Jira plugin free for 30 days

Each of our Easy Agile Jira plugins is available free for 30 days, so you can begin using them without any commitments. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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