How to become an Easy Agile Partner

Want to join the Easy Agile Partner Program? Here's how...

Why become an Easy Agile Partner?

There are 3 primary benefits of becoming an Easy Agile Partner:

Easy Agile does not provide any training or consulting services with our products. All services are yours. We make great software, so we need to partner with companies that provide great services. We refer customers requiring assistance with our products to Easy Agile Partners.

We promote our partners & their capabilities to our 2000+ customers. We feature our partners in our blogs, podcasts, social media, & mailing lists. Their initiatives are also supported through the provision of content and event participation.

Access to promo codes for on-premise versions of our software as a financial reward for investing in Easy Agile.

How do I become an Easy Agile Partner?

Are you an Atlassian Solution Partner? All it takes is 3 steps & you can complete the criteria to become an Easy Agile Partner today.

1. Complete Training

6 people within your organisation will need to complete the 30 minute Welcome to Easy Agile training available on Teachable. Just get them to complete to log in using their work email so we can track completion back to your business.

The training will take you through who we are, what products Easy Agile sells & how to get help from us.

2. Mention us on your website

Does your organisation mention who your partners are on your website? If so, we would appreciate it if you mention us there as well. We feel that this is only fair as we will provide the same service if you were to become our partner with your own mention and a dedicated page on the Easy Agile Partner locator.

If you require logo's, just go to If needed, a description about who we are and what we do can be found within our careers section​ or Atlassian Marketplace homepage.

We can now make you an Easy Agile Partner 🙌

If you have completed the training requirements, mentioned us on your website, there is still a 3rd criteria you will need to complete to maintain status, however congratulations, you are ready to inform us that...

Our partner team will activate you as a partner, within our systems & also look to schedule 30 minute meeting to say hello 👋

We will also take you through the 3rd and final criteria...

3. Promote us over the next 12 months

We do our best to feature our partners and be a part of their marketing plans. Have a think about how we can fit in them.

After you are activated, some ideas are available to you within the Co-Marketing Section of our Partner Portal. Our partner team will take you through this when we say hello, so you may even want to invite your marketing lead for the same session.

Every 12 months we do review who is promoting us and it is a criteria to stay within the program.