Selling Easy Agile Programs for Jira

Why Easy Agile?

1. Our Background.

Easy Agile started in 2015 by former Atlassian's, Nick Muldoon & Dave Elkan.

Dave was a developer on Jira at Atlassian and uses this intimate knowledge to ensure our products are built to a high standard. Nick was the Product Manager for Jira Agile which has now evolved into Jira Software. He was also the Program Manager at Twitter. His domain expertise in Jira and Agile paired with Dave’s know-how of building with Atlassian products puts Easy Agile in a sweet spot.

2. Either Cloud ☁️ or on Prem.

Jira Cloud or through on-premise installs of Jira, every Easy Agile product is available across all Jira delivery options - Cloud, Server & Data Center

3. Enterprise Scale. 💼

Easy Agile products are designed to scale. We understand that our products are used by development teams in large enterprise customers, we don’t want to be noticed for failure in such high stakes environments.

It is really important that if you are building an app on a platform like Jira, that whatever you build does not slow or stop the underlying instance. You cannot block thousands of developers because your app is stopping them from working.

We mentioned previously our co-founder Dave, & this is where his leadership combined with platform experience provides us with an advantage. You can read about his methodology here on this blog.

4. Secure. 🚧

Firstly, your customer's data does not leave Jira because our add-on’s are built on the Jira platform. The data isn’t leaving Jira to be manipulated in another app - its all works within Jira.

Your existing Jira policies & security hardening flows through to our products by design.

Easy Agile also meets the highest standards of security compliance available to Atlassian Marketplace vendors by participating in the Bug Bounty​ and Security Self Assessment Programs.

5. Five Eyes Vendor. 👁

For Government customers domiciled within the Five Eyes, Easy Agile products are exclusively crafted in Wollongong, Australia.

6. Design Consistency. 📐

Easy Agile products use follow Atlassian's Design System. Many of our customer's log into our products on a daily basis without realising they are interacting with a 3rd party product - they think they are still using Jira and this is a success for us.

The design consistency reduces cognitive load for our products, meaning users can...

7. Get Value Fast 🏃🏼‍♀️

The reduced cognitive load, coupled with the ability to ingest data means your customer can get up and running very quickly on our products.

Point our products to existing boards to ingest data and start categorising it. You can be up and running in minutes.

The interface is clean and simple, reducing your configuration time. You can just get to focus on what matters, & that is optimising your workflow!

8. Bang for Buck 🤑

Most expensive product is US$30,000 p.a. for unlimited users beyond 50,000. This means many of our products could even be purchased on a corporate Amex.

Easy Agile Programs for Jira

Tagline: The complete Program Planning solution for Jira

Elevator Pitch

The complete Program Planning solution for Jira.

The perfect tool for Program Managers/Release Train Engineers struggling to effectively manage their Programs/ARTs in Jira.

Easy Agile Programs provides a holistic view of a Program by enabling:

  • cross-team planning
  • visualisation and management of cross-team dependencies
  • alignment on committed objectives for the Program Increment, through to visualisation of an Increment Feature Roadmap

Use Cases: How Organisations Use Easy Agile Programs

Alignment at Scale: the Increment Feature Roadmap ensures all teams are aligned on the committed Features for an Increment, providing visibility into the direction of the Program for stakeholders

Cross-Team Dependency Visualisation/Management: a Program Manager/Release Train Engineer has full visibility of the dependencies within an Increment, facilitating conversations around how to best schedule work to fulfil the Feature outcomes for the Increment

Cross-Team Planning: team's plan their work in context of other teams to ensure work is best planned to achieve committed Features

Digital PI Planning for teams adopting SAFe: the ability for team's to facilitate cross-team planning and dependency management, allows distributed teams to participate in digital PI Planning sessions. The Increment Overview means the physical 'Spaghetti Board' created during the 2 day PI Planning session, lives on, and progress towards Feature completion can be tracked in real-time

Easy Agile Programs Demonstration

Feature Highlights

Alignment at Scale:

The Program Roadmap ensures all teams are aligned on the committed Features/Epics for an Increment, providing visibility into the direction of the Program for all stakeholders

Program Roadmap

Visualise Dependencies:

Red, Amber and Green dependency lines highlight where the Program Manager/Release Train Engineer should focus.

Visualise Dependancies

Focused Team Planning:

Teams have a focused view on Features/Epics assigned to them and linked issues across sprints.

Team Planning