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PI Planning stands for Program Increment Planning.

PI Planning sessions are regularly scheduled events held throughout the year where multiple teams within the same Agile Release Train (ART) meet to align to a shared vision, discuss features, plan the roadmap, and identify cross-team dependencies.

pi planning
Here are the essential elements of PI Planning:
  • 2 full day events run every 8-12 weeks (depending on the length of your increments)
  • Product Managers work to prioritize the planned features for the increment beforehand
  • Development teams own user story planning and estimation
  • Engineers and UX teams work to validate the planning
  • The goal is to align the teams to the mission and each other
  • Technology is used to allow distributed teams to participate (if needed)

If you’re adopting SAFe for the first time, chances are, it’ll start with PI Planning. That’s because it forms the foundation of the Scaled Agile Framework.

Easy Agile Programs can help you with PI Planning in Jira:

Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile Programs

Complete PI planning solution for Jira. Ideal for distributed or collocated PI planning.


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