Managing dependencies with Easy Agile Programs

Purpose and objective of managing and addressing dependencies

To ensure alignment and unblock teams to successfully deliver a project, teams must be able to manage and address dependencies. By surfacing and visualising dependencies, you are able to quickly understand and communicate what teams are working towards together and where their work is dependent on each other. You should be able to easily reschedule issues to adjust the plan so teams are set up for success with no scheduling or dependency conflicts and no at risk dependencies

Key users (roles & responsibilities)

When it comes to dependency management and effectively addressing them, it requires a collective effort from the entire team. There is often more than one role responsible for helping a team to remove or mitigate dependencies. Typically the Agile Coach, Scrum Master ad Release Train Engineer (RTE) are the agents in unblocking the teams and keeping them on track.

  • Agile coach: identifies dependencies and reveals areas where communication and collaboration need improvement. An Agile coach can facilitate effective communication and coordination to unblock teams.
  • Scrum master: Works with the teams to mitigate dependencies to ensure a timely and successful delivery.
  • Release Train Engineer (RTE): identifies dependencies that can impact the overall flow and efficiency of work.

Managing and addressing dependencies with Easy Agile Programs

User goal

I am an agile coach, scrum master, or Release Train Engineer and during a coach or ART sync, I need to be able to easily understand progress, dependencies, risks or other blockers that may impact on execution on what’s committed for the current PI.


I am a Scrum Master and the development team has flagged they are currently blocked, I need to easily and quickly filter the team planning board to identify and address the at risk or conflicting dependencies to unblock the team

View dependencies (Program Board and/or team planning board)

  • Filter by dependency type
filter by dependency type

Manage dependencies (issue/issue within a team)

  • Reschedule
reschedule dependencies

Easy Agile Programs

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