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Easy Agile X JXL, better together

Thu Mar 24 2022
Hayley Rodd
Written by Hayley Rodd, Partner Manager

In 2022, Easy Agile and JXL for Jira joined forces to enhance how customers can plan, track and get an overview of their data. When working in Jira, lots of users struggle organising their data at scale and even resort to exporting it to a Google sheet, MS Excel spreadsheet or Smartsheet to make sense of it.

Enter the partnership between Easy Agile and JXL for Jira.

Get everything you love about Easy Agile Programs in one of the marketplace’s fastest growing paid apps, JXL for Jira. By using Easy Agile Programs and JXL sheets together customers can easily plan and stay on top of their work by inline editing their issues in tables and visualising them in completely customisable hierarchy structures.

About Fine Software & JXL for Jira

Fine Software is backed by Atlassian Ventures and founded by Atlassian alumni with a combined 15 years of experience leading teams at the company. Their passion is to craft beautiful software that really helps you get your job done. JXL is their flagship app, currently among the top 3 fastest growing paid apps on the Atlassian Marketplace, and used by many of the biggest Atlassian customers.

JXL is a game-changing issue editor and organiser that combines the power of Jira with the familiarity of spreadsheets. Users can create and inline edit issues in highly customisable tables, copy and paste fields in bulk, sum up fields, group and structure issues in custom hierarchies, and much more. JXL performs at any scale to save users clicks and hours, no matter what they use Jira for.

About Easy Agile & Programs

Easy Agile products help software development teams effectively deliver quality solutions to their customers. The team behind Easy Agile has spent a combined ten plus years working for Atlassian in product management and engineering roles on GreenHopper / Jira Agile, Jira and HipChat. Happy Easy Agile customers include Daimler, BMW, Twitter, Cisco, NetApp, Johns Hopkins University, DigitalOcean, Deloitte, Veolia, Dimension Data, Bloomberg, Adidas and Bosch.

Easy Agile Programs

Easy Agile Programs is the complete PI Planning solution for Jira. Ideal for distributed, remote or face-to-face Program Increment Planning, Programs helps agile teams align at scale, visualise dependencies and bring focus to their team planning.

Solving customer problems together

When planning, prioritising and managing your work increments and releases in Jira, visualising hierarchy and grouping issues can be tricky. Jira offers epic, base and sub-task level issue hierarchy out of the box but agile program planning and project management at scale need fast and completely customisable issue structure with multiple levels.

With JXL, users can group and structure their teams’ work just the way they need it. They can define issue structure levels in sheets based on issue types and issue links, and sprinkle in field groupings and sum-ups for the ultimate overview and editing experience.

Today, users can also integrate Easy Agile Programs information into their JXL sheets, organising issues with the app’s Program and Program Increment fields. The fields can be used in a number of ways, including:

JXL Snippet

Check out the apps on Atlassian Marketplace and see how JXL and Easy Agile Programs are transforming how users work and manage their data.

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This blog post was created in collaboration with JXL for Jira.

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