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The State of Atlassian Report by Adaptivist (a summary)

Fri Sep 03 2021
Hayley Rodd
Written by Hayley Rodd, Partner Manager

A couple of weeks ago, our partner Adaptavist released their State of the Atlassian Ecosystem Report which surveyed approximately 1,000 users of Atlassian tools and services. After reading the 50+ page document, I decided that the reports' insights were extremely valuable and worth sharing.

You can also download the full report here. It is a fantastic read and incredibly interesting for anyone working within the Atlassian ecosystem.

Key take-aways from Chief Information Officer at Adaptavist

  • Despite a turbulent year, Atlassian ecosystem continues to grow and evolve. This year the company surpassed $US500 million in quarterly revenue for the first time
  • For those who rely on Atlassian Server, the company’s decision to sunset its Server products has forced some soul searching and tough decision-making
  • Atlassian continues to focus on driving improvements around security, customisation, and feature parity
  • Let's open up collaboration across the ecosystem and find new ways to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Key findings

  • Usage Up: Atlassian usage up despite decrease in IT spend overall. Including Jira, Access, Trello, Align and Advanced Roadmaps
  • Non Tech User Up: Increase in non-technical teams using Atlassian tools including Operations and Marketing.
  • Challenge: The biggest integration challenge organisations face is connecting Atlassian with other third-party apps such as Zoom, MS Office, Slack, Gitlab, Github, Salesforce.
  • Cloud: Atlassian Cloud adoption is increasing slowly but surely, 28% 2020 to 34% 2021. Server represents the majority of deployment followed by DC
  • Challenge: Customisation (57% concerned), app integration (48% concerned), cost, and feature functionality (43% concerned) are the main concerns about migrating to Atlassian Cloud
  • Changing deployment: 65% of respondents are expecting to change how they deploy Atlassian products in the next three years. Sunset of Server spurring this.
  • What people want more Automation - drives business processes, reduce operational costs and improve integration with tools
  • DevOps is Up: 27% of respondents developing a DevOps strategy in next 3 years. Adoption across verticals. Why? Automates workflows, faster development cycles, better coordination across teams, improved time to market. Why not? Lack of capability, inadequate training, budget (Same as the benefits that org’s can expect from DevOps!)
  • Agile Adoption Up, barriers to scaling efforts though: 67% of large enterprises (>5,000 employees) have high agile adoption intentions. Agile at scale adoption has increased from 10% in 2020 to 49% in 2021. Biggest barriers to agile at scale adoption: other priorities, current method working fine, unclear ROI. Why do org’s want to adopt agile at scale? Better team coordination, align strategy with delivery, increased visibility.

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