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Easy Agile's getting onboard the Cloud Fortified train

Mon Nov 15 2021
Robert O'Farrell
Written by Robert O'Farrell, Engineering Manager

What is Cloud Fortified?

The Atlassian ecosystem keeps growing, and today there are over 5,300 apps and more than 1,600 partners, with customers installing so many products that meet a multitude of needs.

Atlassian products set a strong foundation of security and reliability and it only makes sense that the apps that clip onto these products are just as safe and secure. This is particularly true for enterprise organizations pursuing cloud migration who want to ensure their apps meet cloud security standards.

Enter Cloud Fortified.

The Cloud Fortified program and badge makes it super simple for customers to identify enterprise-ready cloud apps with additional security, reliability, and support.

In November 2021, the Easy Agile team proudly said “Wooohooo!” as we became Cloud Fortified across our full product range 🙌 🙌

Easy Agile Trust Center: You have put your trust in us and our products. Maintaining this trust will continue to be our priority.

What Easy Agile apps are Cloud Fortified?

Easy Agile TeamRhythm

Support your team from planning through to release and retrospective, and deliver products that your customers value, with our intuitive, agile solution in Jira.

Try Easy Agile TeamRhythm for free here

Easy Agile Programs

The complete PI Planning solution for Jira. Ideal for distributed, remote or face-to-face Program Increment Planning.

Try Easy Agile Programs for free here

Easy Agile Roadmaps

The simplest and most flexible roadmapping tool for Jira.

Try Easy Agile Roadmaps for free here

Easy Agile Personas

A customer centric approach to backlog refinement.

Try Easy Agile Personas for free here

Why is Cloud Fortified so important?

At Easy Agile, our customers are our highest priority. Cloud Fortified demonstrates our commitment to cloud security based on Atlassian’s programs and standards. It also is an easy way for our stakeholders to know that we meet Atlassian-aligned performance and reliability requirements and abide by strict support SLAs for an excellent cloud experience at scale.

Maximum security and continuous monitoring

Our Cloud Fortified apps are subject to the following four initiatives, which identify vulnerabilities at scale and shows our commitment to fixing these vulnerabilities and meeting Atlassian’s security baseline:

  • Ecoscanner: Atlassian’s Ecoscanner platform continuously monitors all Marketplace cloud apps for common security vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Disclosure Program: Through this program, customers and security researchers can report cloud app vulnerabilities to Atlassian and Marketplace Partners. Atlassian runs this program and defines the parameters for all cloud apps.
  • Cloud App Security Requirements: Atlassian has defined a minimum set of mandatory requirements that all Marketplace cloud apps must meet to ensure security best practices across our ecosystem.
  • Security Bug Fix Policy: All Marketplace Partners are expected to meet Security Bug Fix SLAs to ensure cloud app vulnerabilities are addressed promptly.

Easy Agile also actively invests in two additional programs:

  • Marketplace Bug Bounty Program: Through this program, we proactively combat security risks before they arise by incentivizing security researchers to find vulnerabilities
  • Security Self-Assessment Program: Through this program, Easy Agile complete an annual security assessment that Atlassian reviews and approves.

Reliability at Scale

As Cloud Fortified apps, Easy Agile products undergo additional checks for service reliability and performance at scale, measured and monitored against service level indicators and objectives. We also proactively check to ensure future compatibility with Atlassian’s Jira to avoid disruptions. This means our Easy Agile apps are less likely to break in response to a Jira update.

As part of the Cloud Fortified certification, Easy Agile were also required to confirm our incident and change management process, that is integrated with Atlassian’s to allow for faster recovery time and continuous improvement. That means in the case of an incident there is a verified process to get back online fast.

Responsive Support

When you need help with one of our products, know that we will be there. Our Cloud Fortified apps abide by strict support SLAs. If one of our Easy Agile apps has a problem, we will get back to you within 24 hours, 5 days a week during local business hours.

Read more about our Service Level Agreement and commitment to you.

Learn more about our Security practices

The Easy Agile Trust Center has been created to help you and your team feel confident in our products security, reliability and privacy. If you want to learn more about how we are looking after your security needs, visit our Easy Agile Trust Center.

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